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by Diet Pill Center on October 22, 2013

20 night diet reviews
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The 20 Night Diet by Creative Bioscience is a type of nonprescription weight loss pill that is advertised as a stimulant-free diet pill that does not have any side effects whatsoever. The claims also state that the product will not cause sleep disturbances at night. Whether or not this is true requires the user to have a closer look at the ingredients list.

Among the Creative Bioscience 20 Night Diet ingredients are a long list of different substances. These include vitamin C, boron, lychee fruit extract, African mango seed extract, raspberry keytones, caralluma fimbriata extract, and griffonia simplicifolia seed extract. At the time of this review, the official Creative Bioscience website was selling this product for $49.95 for a bottle. The product is made in the United States and comes with a thirty day money back guarantee when purchased from the official site.

The directions for the product say that Creative Bioscience 20 Night Diet should be taken a half hour before eating dinner. The two capsules should be taken at once with a full glass of water. The goal is to allow the dieter to control food cravings, boost energy, fight fat, and eat less. It is meant to be taken alongside a healthy diet and a proper exercise program.

The website for this product includes a 1-800 number, which is a feature that many dieters find to be helpful in case of questions or concerns about buying or using the product. Each of the key ingredients has the amounts listed beside them on the website, which many dieters also find very helpful, as they can better research whether or not there is enough (or too much) of any one substance to meet their needs and to be sure that they will be able to take it safely and effectively.

That said, there aren’t any customer reviews posted on the official website, which makes it difficult to tell how actual users have felt that the product works. Moreover, the key ingredients, themselves, are not explained on the official website, which requires the consumer to have to do his or her own research into why they have all been included in the formula. Creative Bioscience does not cite any clinical data regarding the 20 Night Diet product at the time of this review.

It should be noted that while the website does claim that there aren’t any side effects associated with this product, it doesn’t mean that there is a guarantee that any specific individual dieter will not experience them. It is important to speak with a doctor before beginning this or any other diet product or program.

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