Acai Berry Original Diet Pills

by Diet Pill Center on July 3, 2016

Acai Berry Original Diet Pills
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Acai Berry Original is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is made, manufactured and sold by Vida! Supplements, a company that offers a small range of dietary supplements based primarily on a single ingredient. These purple capsules currently find themselves among hundreds of others that have been riding on the popularity of the açai berry fruit and the various claims that are made about its properties.

These companies have labeled this berry as a superfood and many of them claim that it will help to provide people with various different nutrients and benefits. That said, this ingredient has been a part of a large number of scams in the weight loss industry as many companies have gone overboard in the claims they have made about what this substance is capable of achieving when consumed.

Celebrities and legitimate doctors alike have been falsely linked to quotes and statements made about the benefits of açai berry as many companies made up quotes in the hopes of selling more products as people believe the stars they respect had actually lost weight because of these fruits.

In truth, there have yet to be any direct weight loss benefits linked to açai berry in reputable science. What is known about the main ingredient in Acai Berry Original is that it does contain a long list of vitamins and minerals and is well known for having antioxidant levels that are as high as blueberries. In fact, many of the health benefits of eating açai berry have been considered comparable to blueberries. That said, it is not known whether or not those same benefits carry over to this ingredient when it has been converted into a pill.

Still, while people could actually just buy fresh or frozen blueberries in order to obtain similar health benefits, many people like the convenience of a capsule and the added exotic appeal of a fruit that grows in the Amazon region of South America, instead of something more familiar and commonplace.

Still, Vida! Supplements does claim on its official website that açai berries can help a person to lose or maintain a healthy weight, despite the fact that this claim is not backed up with reputable science. They claim that a National Institutes of Aging study claims that “the acai berry had the ability to reduce the negative effects of a high-fat diet in laboratory studies on flies.” Considering that these products are being sold for human use, the fact that the best research that could be quoted to support weight loss claims was tests conducted on flies suggests that only dubious evidence is available, at best.

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