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by Diet Pill Center on November 28, 2013

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Accuslim Advanced Carb Blocker is a weight loss supplement that is designed to stop the body from absorbing some of the carbohydrates that are consumed in food. The idea is that this will help dieters to be able to eat all of the carbohydrates that they’d like to have, but without having to deal with the calories and weight gain associated with those foods.

Deciding whether or not Accuslim Advanced Carb Blocker can actually live up to its claims begins with a look at its list of ingredients. This formula contains chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate, white kidney bean extract, and banba leaf extract. These are all substances that are often found in weight loss pills that have similar claims to this product.

The first ingredient in this formula is chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate, which has been associated with helping to control blood glucose levels. In theory, this should mean that if the blood glucose levels are kept under control, then a dieter will be less likely to have food cravings. That said, it has never been proven that using this ingredient for that purpose will have any impact on weight loss. Equally, it is unlikely that this ingredient will cause any harm.

The second ingredient is white kidney bean extract. This is an extremely common ingredient in over the counter carb blocker products. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single reputable study that has been published in a peer reviewed journal that suggests that this ingredient – or any bean – will stop the body from being able to absorb carbohydrates. The closest proof that studies have offered regarding the ability to lose weight more quickly and easily is that fiber intake can help a dieter to feel fuller so that he or she will not feel as hungry. Then, he or she may choose to eat fewer calories. However, this is its only connection with potential weight loss.

At the time of the writing of this review, there was no proof that any over the counter products can actually block carbohydrates from entering the body. Even the last ingredient is shown only to have a blood sugar level balancing effect, similar to that of chromium.

Therefore, if there is adequate quantities of the ingredients, the best that a dieter can hope for through the use of this product is mild (if any) appetite suppression, and a curbing of cravings, particularly for sweet foods.

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