Appexit Diet Pills

by Diet Pill Center on May 11, 2015

Appexit diet pills
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Appexit is an over the counter diet supplement that is designed to function primarily as an appetite suppressant. It is manufactured by a company called Advantage Nutraceuticals. This pill is meant to be taken so that dieters will be able to eat less without suffering from the same level of hunger that they usually would. That said, it advertises itself as being different from the majority of other hunger suppressors that are currently being sold on the nonprescription weight loss pill market because it does not contain ingredients that have stimulants in them.

This is because the entire formula is made up of only two active ingredients. Those two substances are listed as being ChromeMate (which is essentially a brand name version of chromium picolinate) and glucomannan.

ChromeMate, that is, chromium, has had some clinical research conducted on it and what has been determined is that when the body is deficient in this substance, it may not be able to process sugar properly. For that reason, it is believed by some that when sugar is not being properly digested, it can lead to issues like cravings for sweets, which can then cause a person to overeat, particularly on sugary foods. That said, research on the impact of chromium supplementation on actual measurable weight loss has not been adequately conducted. The Mayo Clinic has gone so far as to identify this substance as being among those that likely wouldn’t cause any harm, but that has been inadequately studied to support any weight loss claims that have been made about it.

Glucomannan is a type of fiber that the body is incapable of digesting. Therefore, the idea behind consuming it is that for the length of time that it remains within the stomach, it will make the dieter feel more full than they actually are, simply because more room is being taken up. The fiber then passes naturally through the digestive system without contributing to the daily calorie count. To make it more effective, glucomannan is meant to be taken with water. The reason for this is that it can absorb a great deal of water and, therefore, take up even more space. That said, like chromium, there has been inadequate study to show that actually using this technique will result in measurable weight loss.

Each serving of Appexit consists of 2 capsules, which need to be taken up to three times, per day. In order to take advantage of the best benefits, the package recommends drinking a lot of water at the same time that these capsules are swallowed.

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