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Apidexin Diet Pills Review

One of the most common errors made regarding Apidexin Diet Pills is the confusion of the name. Many people refer to these diet pills as Adipexin, which is incorrect but understandable because Adipex, a prescription phentermine diet pill, is so close in name.

Apidexin contains the following ingredients: Fucoxanthin, Razberri-K, Guggul EZ 100, Thermodiamine, Forslean, Lipolide-SC, Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate and Bioperine. Although the official website for Apidexin makes the impressive-sounding claim that all of these ingredients are “patent-pending”, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy and does not mean these ingredients are any better than others.

So let’s take a look at Apidexin Diet Pills ingredients to determine how effective these diet pills may be for weight loss.

  • Fucoxanthin – Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid found in many species of kelp and algae. A few studies conducted with rats and mice have found that fucoxanthin may decrease amounts of abdominal fats, however a clinical study concluded that Fucoxanthin has very little effect in humans (The British Journal of Nutrition. 2008 Aug;100(2):273-7).
  • Razberri-K – Razberri-K is a ketone extracted from rapberries. Studies conducted with mice have shown that Razberri-K may help to reduce body fat. There have been no human clinical trials conducted, so it is unknown whether Razberri-K works in people too.
  • Guggul EZ 100 – Guggul EZ 100 contains both E and Z guggulsterones that may help to lower cholesterol and stimulate metabolism. Human clinical trials are still needed to determine the dosage at which Guggul EZ 100 is effective.
  • Thermodiamine – Thermodiamine is another one of Apidexin’s ingredients that have only been tested on rodents, in this case rats. There is no clinical evidence that suggest Thermodiamine will assist weight loss in humans.
  • Forslean – Forslean, also known as Coleus Forskohlii, may increase the body’s amount of lean muscle mass, but one published human study concluded that Forslean does not appear to aid weight loss (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2005 Dec 9;2:54-62).
  • Lipolide-SC – The generic name of Lipolide-SC is Sclaeolide, which is a compound found in Clary Sage. There is no clinical evidence that Lipolide-SC promotes weight loss.
  • Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate – This fancy sounding ingredient is nothing more than caffeine combined with malic acid. Caffeine may increase thermogenesis (fat burning), but it is a far cry from providing similar effects to ephedra, which the official website for Apidexin claims.
  • Bioperine – Bioperine, also known as Piperine, may enhance the effectiveness of therapeutic drugs in the body. There is no clinical evidence that suggests Bioperine can increase the effectiveness of Apidexin’s ingredients, nor help to promote weight loss.

As is evident from Apidexin’s ingredients, there is very little to support that these diet pills will promote or aid weight loss and their effects will certainly fall terribly short of its advertising claim of “… Losing 4-7 Pounds Per Week Effortlessly”. Apidexin is nothing more than a diet pill that is better formulated to treat obesity in rodents that it is to help people lose weight.

Speaking of the studies conducted with rodents, I would like to point out a very misleading part of Apidexin’s advertising. When discussing the benefits of some of its ingredients, Apidexin advertising mentions a number of clinical trials in which these ingredients helped promote weight loss in “test subjects”. What the advertising does not tell you is that these “test subjects” are rats and mice, not humans. I think most of us can agree that human bodies are much different than rodents so until Apidexin can provide some human studies that support its claims I can only recommend this product to the likes of Mickey Mouse.

Apidexin Diet Pills Review


  • Apidexin is an herbal formulation of ingredients that are not yet known to cause side-effects


  • Apidexin advertising is full of inflated claims about its ingredients, most of which have not been even tested on humans
  • Apidexin is expensive compared to other herbal weight loss pills
  • Apidexin claims to give money back to unsatisfied customers, but there is no information about their returns policy, nor is there a customer service phone number provided. (There is an email given – Good Luck!)

24 comments to Apidexin Diet Pills Review

  • Deb K.

    I took this diet pill for only three days and i was very sick. I thought that i needed to eat and when i did i felt the need to hurl. My blood pressure was 190/110 which it is normally 120/80 or lower. I had to be rushed to the er and after 8 hours my bp was still 145/101 which is still too high. I don’t recommend this diet pill to anyone. It took a couple of days to feel better and have my bp return to normal. I am now very skeptical of any diet pill out on the market no matter how much they say “no side effects”…Be ware!!!

    • Jennifer

      Hey Deb. I had a similar experience. My heart rate was also up really high. I’m now feeling better, my bp is back to 120/78, but my heart rate is still up there around 86. How long did it take for you to feel completely normal? I’d really appreciate an answer because I am very anxious and just need to know if I will be ok.


  • admin

    That sounds like a scary experience. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope that you are better now.

    • NejKhi

      I definitely would not recomend Apidexin. I took one on the first day and 30 minutes later I started sweating, which I liked during my workout. Then about 2 hours later I started to feel as if I woul vomit, and I had a major headache. Day 2 I took only one, this time no sweating, just nausea and a headache. After a few more days I started to feel not only sick but I started having mood swings and was starting to feel kind of depressed, it was horrible. I just threw the bottle in the trash. It took a few days for the effects to wear off, but I’m glad I stopped. About two weeks ago, I began eating healthier and went down to about 1,900 calories per day with about an hour of intense cardio and I feeel great! I’ve lost 10 pounds, and I don’t feel like I’m going to die at any moment.

  • Jen

    I also had a bad reaction to Apidexin. I don’t do well with caffeine, but hoped that because the caffeine in Apidexin is buffered, it might not be so bad. It ended up not only making me extremely nauseous, but my stomach hurt constantly as though I needed to eat, particularly within an hour of taking the pills. My mood was not elevated as so many others said – in fact, I had a continual headache for the week I tried it. I finally just returned the product and am waiting for a refund.

  • Amanda

    From the first day i took apidexin i felt like i was going to pass out for hours after i took it. it first happened in a shopping centre and i now have panic attacks and have had to go on anti-depressants becaause i cant go into a shopping centre without feeling like i am going to pass out. I know it is the tablets as i have never had any mental problems before and now i never feel right. very very scary

  • Shea Curatolo

    I took Apidexin for about two weeks, and it made me feel extremely nauseous and to tell the truth kind of high – I felt dizzy and spaced out. Also, I didn’t loose one pound. I send back the 3 bottles I bought for $120 over a month ago and still have not receicved a refund. There is no customer service phone number to call, only an e-mail address is offered and I still have not heard from them. DO NOT BUY APIDEXIN!

  • admin

    I have hearing stories like the ones above. Apidexin is causing some very bad reactions in some people and getting your money back if you are an unsatisfied customer can be very hard. If you are looking to buy diet pills online always make sure that the company or website you buy from has a customer service number THAT WORKS. You should call the number first even before you buy to make sure you get a real person.

  • Jazz

    I’m wondering if these people have ever taken diet pills that are stimulants before. I’ve read a lot of reviews good and bad and decided I would have to try myself so I just ordered some on ebay. I’ve been taking diet pills with caffeine and stimulants for a while and you do have to let them run their course. Eventually my body adjusted to them and I have always been sensitive to caffeine. I am excited to try apidexin for myself.

  • Kylie

    I too ended up in the emergency room after taking apidexin. Let me tell you, I have taken many things before and have a high tolerance for many things, but this was just outright scary. Remember the days of medislim, before they took out the supposed bad stuff which I thought was good but lots complained about ;-), well quadriple the effect of that and you might be getting close to what these things can do to you if you are unfortunate enough to have a bad reaction to them. I could not feel my hands and feet at the height of it and they were freeezing, my mouth and face was also had pins and needles sensation, it effected my breathing and heart rate, (lucky I know how to control the breathing as to not hyperventilate or I would have been even worse!) I also spent the night after getting out of hospital in the bathroom vomitting, the next two days laid out in bed. It was my first ambulance ride ever and let me be honest here and tell you all, at one stage in my younger years, I lead a life that would make some heads turn with the substances I had tried, some abused…so to answer the post above, I wonder have these people ever taken stimulants before, ME…and not the nice pandered down stuff you can get in diet pills. Some people report great results, can’t say I’d touch another one, it was just too scary. My cousin also ordered at the same time as me, we ordered 4 bottles and split the cost, she has gained 3.5kg’s and had numerous side effects, not as severe as mine though, but enough for her to stop taking them and she too is sending them back. Sadly I didn’t research enough before we got them 🙁 Take at own risk guys.

  • Kevin

    Apidexin works with few side effects than any other product in the market! You guys just need to exercise and maintain a low carb and high fiber diet. Just don’t take the pills alone thinking its a miracle just to lose weight instantly sitting on a sofa watching TV. All that caffeine contained in Apidexin is to help give you a boost when working out that you could increase your metabolism! THINK ABOUT IT!!! If you have stomach problems when taking this supplement, its because you are not exercising and storing all that caffeine in your body causing you to be all nauseated.

  • enjoying my skinny jeans

    I agree with Jazz. When you take any type of diet pill, it is wise to reduce your caffeine intake/switch to decaff coffee, especially when you don’t know how the pills will affect you. All diet pills really do is stimulate your body/metabolism or act as diuretics, so that you can lose weight faster. Some people simply do not react well to stimulant-ingredients; this fact does not mean that the diet pills are horrible. And, many diet pills will make your stomach feel iffy. My recommendation for that issue is to eat a little something with/before you take the pill, as I often do. At 5’7″ and 150 pounds (barely fitting into size 29 jeans), I lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks using QuickTrim 14-Day Cleanse. Since, for my body, QuickTrim happens to contain too much caffeine, I switched to Apidexin, starting with their three-day detox. At 138 pounds, I’m fine, so any more weight to come off is grueling! Since starting the three-day detox and switching to the regular Apidexin one week ago, I’ve lost another 4 pounds (starting to fit into my size 27 jeans for the first time in over a year!). Of course, I am also eating around 1000 calories a day, but not in any strict regimen. I’ll eat Sahale PB&J (www.sahalesnacks.com) nuts, a few at a time, all day, fresh fruit WHENEVER I’m hungry, a Kombucha for the probiotics (if you like plain Greek yogurt, that works, too), a small sweet potato or steel-cut oats with berries or grated apple for carbs earlier in the day, salads (but beware of sugar or sodium in the dressing), and fish/tofu/steak with veggies/salad for dinner. Some days I eat no animal products. Others, I crave red meat. And, one the QuickTrim 14 days were over, I started eating dark (72-85%) chocolate with organic crunchy peanut butter (ONLY for those who can stick to a small portion at a time!) Workouts range from hiking for a mile with the dogs to Tae Bo to Bikram Yoga. I also keep a mat in front of my TV (I watch way too much) and do push-ups, ab work, and butt/leg work every day (sometimes just barely, sometimes for a while). No one said that losing weight was easy! With or without the diet pills, to actually lose weight, you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone with respect to physical activity and take a frank look at what you are eating. Here’s to us all, and to a true invention to eliminate cellulite someday!

  • Amanda

    I bought this diet pill last year sometime..I was smart enough to not do two a day so I started with one a day..I lost 5 pounds by the next morning and it takes about 5 pounds off at a time..I am 5″9 and weigh 135 so this has been good to help get down a bit more since having a baby. I only take 3 pills(3 days in a row),lose 5-7 pounds then wait another month before doing it again..I couldn’t imagine being on them constantly,they make my heart race and head fuzzy..but for all i’m doing is eating whatever I want and losing tons of weight they are worth it..The only problem is the reason I only take for three days is by the fourth I get very sick (my immune system crashes)..Last time I got a cold sore,a bladder infection,the flu at the same time and I NEVER get sick,bladder infections,or cold sores..So immune system beware..

  • Ricardo

    Hmm i have had this pill for about 1 yr, the 1st time taking it i felt so sick after i got home from the gym and started vomiting, i took it again the next day same result as well i couldnt sleep. I stop using them and gave up on my diet. On December my weight was 250 lb and i knew i had to do something with myself so i started going on a diet + and working out. 1st 3 days was horrible i couldn’t sleep. My body got used to the pill around the 5th day and sleeping isnt an issue no more. I now currently weight 208 LB. I wont say it was thanks tot he pill that i lost my weight because honestly it was thanks to the healthy diet i am currently on, but the pill helps because it makes you swet quick in the gym and you dont easily get tired. Once i reach my Goal ( 175-180 LB) or when i look at myself in the mirror and feel like i no longer need to lose weight, i will stop using this pill. Would i recommend this pill to anyone?? Honestly NOOO, the side affect is horrible at 1st and you feel like you going to die. If you dont care about the side affect then go for it. The pill i took in the month of January that my weight drop from 250-218 was Acai Berry Detox, i got a free bottle like 6 months ago or so, and everytime i did exercise which was playing the wii fit lol yes the wii fit was my gym for the month of January. Since my Acay Berry Detox is gone i started using the Apidexin so i can reach my goal weight before spring break. I wont lie to you guys i started the month of March at 218 LB and drop to 203 LB, this pill helps u be active in the gym and unless its just me because of the spark boost of energy it gives me i feel like doing cardio for atleast 2 hrs+. So yes this Crazy Pill that makes u feel like you will die works like a charm if u are in a diet and actually go to the gym, If you dont go to the gym dont use it, the side affect you get is not worth it if you wont push urself for results. If you havent yet order this pill i recommend Acai Berry over this no side affect. Srry for my grammar English isnt my 1st language.

  • just my opinion

    started taking this yesterday so far im not sick.I recently just lost 40 pounds off the real stuff(adipex)prescribed by my doctor however adipex can only be precribed for 90 days then its done.Anyhow the apidexin seems to have some of the same effects but it did cause me to be sore in my shoulders than the real thing almost flu like symptoms.I will keep updated for anyone looking for a review of someone who did not do the detox part-which probably is what is making everyone feel dizzy and sick.

  • Bioperine

    I feel a little queasy but otherwise OK, only been a few days though

  • Vaneedar

    Apidexin will have different effect on men than women, a woman who is 55KG and is taking 1000 mg of apidexin to become 50 kg, might have more problems and side effects due to her normal (low) metabolism. But a guy like me (108 kg) who goes to the gym 4 days per week, will feel no side effect at all. In apidexinx 371 mg you will have less than 200mg caffeine, which is 2 black coffees. If you drink more water and stop aonther redbull/coffee/cola… you will be a hero and ready to sport with optmisim, and no side effect will appear.
    In addition, do not rake apidexin if you do not sport, it is like filling a car with gaz everyday without driving it!
    Salut tout le monde!!

  • Juan

    i want to drink these im 18 will i die

  • mia


  • Laura

    I just started taking it about 2 weeks ago. I haven’t had any side effects, I feel full of energy and even drink soda I follow the directions exactly as it is stated on the bottle. Even though I may not have lost a significantly amount of weight I am eating less and still eating healthy and working out 5 times a week. I bought it just to try it out as a energy booster for me. I did notice that my body is firmer and muscle is building, my clothes is more loose and sometimes this is better tha ngetting on the scale all the time. Eating healthy and working out is always the best weight loss for may of us that have diddficulty with fat burners because this is what Apidexin is a fatburner.

  • jenny

    has anyone taken adipexin recently?? i am extremely scared from all of these reviews, but i heard it makes you lose weight fast. those reveiws are from a while ago so i was wondering if they updated it or something. please let me know!!

  • Ric

    Don’t worry folks, most of these people start off by saying that they quit their diet (obviously they aren’t working out), also i bet many of these people are not even eating properly. There hasn’t been any deaths. Most of these reviews are just stupid, someone asked about an 86 heart rate… that’s normal you idiot. As far as getting sick, well, you’re probably fat and unhealthy so expect to get sick (and for the other person saying they never get sick… yeah right, you aren’t a God, you got sick, get over it and stop blaming a pill). Amanda said she got a cold sore,a bladder infection, and the flu… as a nurse I know that those are signs of herpes simplex type 1, if she focused on her diet as much as blowing away infected people she might shed a pound or two. For real reviews look on youtube. Not a single bad review on youtube at all. Just eat well 30 mins after you take a pill (start with one), then after you eat (and after your food settles a bit) go out for a nice walk or jog, for about 30-45mins. That’s all. Cut down on snacking and sodas. No other instructions necessary and you will lose weight! Enjoy! 🙂

  • Candarck

    Hello ya all-

    I started Apidexin about a week ago now and have lost exactly 6lbs. Now I have also been bond to the gym and working out for 1 to 2 hours every other day at the YMCA. So i don’t know if its just the Apidexin that’s getting the weight off?? Though i have not fully changed my diet, some days im good with what i eat and others i just eat what ever sounds good at the time/moment.
    O a little about me- I am a 21year old female, and am or was 200lbs when starting. Now i am at 195lbs. YAY! I also found out this month that i have PCOS- (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and as well i have a very bad auto immune system and seem to get sick often. My Doc. started me on some hormones and Birth control for the PCOS. In witch I was a little worried at first that the Apidexin and birth control would affect one another. But alas that has not been the case. 🙂 -I will keep taking the Apidexin until this bottle is gone and if I lose more then 10more lbs before it is, then I feel I will def. be purchasing more of this product. I am going to try and not work out a full week and see if I will still loss weight just taking the Apidexin.

    How I’ve been taking it:
    Started taking the detouxFREE72: 3pills 2Xdaily @am + noon for 3days.
    Then I started taking Apidexin: 1pill 2Xdaily @am +noon- will do so till bottle is gone

    Remember lots off water was also consumed- x.x – I feel that’s what made me full all the time- So much water-

    Also I have not had any side affects- O what the first day I was a little dizzy and very tired but that went away on the 2nd day of taking the Detoux72. But other then that I have been doing fine- In fact I feel I have more energy.Witch is good seen’s i work at a hosp. i quite need it always on my feet.

    – OK see ya, ya all! (^.~”) Wink!
    Good luck to all and i hope this keeps working-
    Just posted this on a few other sites as well-

  • H newborn

    Please give me a number and/or address to return my product. Thank you

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