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How to Spot a Diet Pills Scam

I have received numerous emails from people asking for help to choose a diet pill that works. Many of these people claim they have tried other diet pills, but none of them have helped them to lose weight. As you can imagine, it can be very frustrating when you spend your hard-earned cash on a diet pill that is promoted as something amazing, but then doesn’t work at all. If this sounds familiar, then you are one of thousands of people who may have been victim of a diet pills scam.

A couple years ago I came across a diet pill advertisement for a product called Fat Foe. The advertising made all sorts of unrealistic claims about how its fat-blocking, carb-blocking ingredient, auberginium, can melt your pounds away without changing your diet or exercising. An actual quote from the advertising was “… enjoy your favorite foods – pizza, pasta, fried chicken, gooey chocolate deserts – and watch the pounds melt away?”

I came across the Fat Foe diet pill when I was writing diet pill reviews. I was appalled at the audacity of a product to provide such misleading advertising and I couldn’t wait to tear a strip off of the product in my review. But I quickly realized that Fat Foe isn’t a diet pill at all, but a means for educating people about how to spot a diet pills scam online. Visit the original website here: Fat Foe Diet Pill Scam. (Go to the homepage of this website to read about how to spot other online scams – it is a really worthwhile read.)

Fat Foe brings a number of very good points to light about how to spot a diet pills scam. From this example and from my own experiences as a diet pill user and reviewer, I have come up with the following list of tips for how to spot a diet pills scam.

Tips about How to Spot a Diet Pills Scam

  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is – Advertising that suggests that you will lose weight without having to change your diet or exercise is the first sign of a diet pill scam. No matter what the diet pill is, without diet changes and exercise you will not lose weight.
  • No product can guarantee weight loss – There isn’t one diet pill available that can guarantee weight loss. Losing weight is predominantly related to the actions you take and not a diet pill.
  • Permanent weight loss is a lie – Diet pill advertising that says you will lose weight PERMANENTLY is lying to you. As most of us who have tried dieting, with and without pills know, weight loss is very rarely permanent. Most people will experience natural fluctuations in their weight, even if they are following the strictest of diets and exercise regimes.
  • Diet pills sold only on eBay – I have come across many diet pills that are sold only on eBay. Not one of these diet pills has received a good review and you can be almost guaranteed that if this is the only place you can buy the pills they are a scam worth avoiding.
  • Poor quality product website – This is last tip can be up to personal taste, but again in my experience the quality of a diet product’s site can say a lot about how good the product is. Website components that are a red flag to spot a diet pills scam include, but are not limited to: numerous spelling and grammatical errors, site is only one page with no real content, site does not have user generated comments, site does not provide contact information, site has annoying pop-ups, site seems to be selling every diet product under the sun, site is operated under a free domain.

If you consider these tips about how to spot a diet pills scam when looking to buy diet pills, you are likely to avoid many of the pitfalls out there. I also encourage anyone who knows of an online diet pills scam site to post a comment here to let others know.

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