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FDA Tainted Diet Pill Warning

On January 8, 2009 the FDA released a revised list of 69 diet pills that have been tested by the FDA and found to contain potentially harmful ingredients that are not listed on the products active pharmaceutical ingredients list. Some of these diet pills are sold overseas and are shipped to North America, some of them originate in major North American stores and some can be purchased online.

Revised FDA List of Tainted Diet Pills

Fatloss Slimming
2 Day Diet
3x Slimming Power
Japan Lingzhi 24 Hours Diet
5x Imelda Perfect Slimming
3 Day Diet
7 Day Herbal Slim
8 Factor Diet
7 Diet Day/Night Formula
999 Fitness Essence
Extrim Plus
Imelda Perfect Slim
Lida DaiDaihua
Miaozi Slim Capsules
Perfect Slim
Perfect Slim 5x
Phyto Shape
ProSlim Plus
Royal Slimming Formula
Slim 3 in 1
Slim Express 360
Zhen de Shou
Venom Hyperdrive 3.0
Slim Waistline
Slim Waist Formula
Slim Up
Slim Fast
2x Powerful Slimming
Slim Express 4 in 1
Reduce Weihgt
Super Fat Burner
Super Slimming
Sana Plus
Trim 2 Plus
Powerful Slim
Waist Strength Formula
Slimming Formula
Perfect Slim Up
Slim Burn
Slim 3 in 1 Slim Formula
Slim 3 in 1 M18 Royal Diet
Slim 3 in 1 Extra Slim Waist Formula
Slim 3 in 1 Extra Slim Formula
Natural Model
2 Day Diet Slim Advance
Miaozi MeiMiaoQianZiJiaoNang
JM Fat Reducer
Imelda Fat Reducer
7 Days Diet
Extrim Plus 24 Hour Reburn
Fasting Diet
Cosmo Slim
Body Slimming
Body Shaping
Body Creator
3 Days Fit
21 Double Slim
Eight Factor Diet
7 Diet

The analysis conducted by the FDA exposed the use of one or more undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients in all of these diet pills. These potentially dangerous ingredients included Sibutramine (a controlled substance used in the prescription diet pills Meridia and Reductil), Rimonabant (a controlled substance used in the diet pill Acomplia that has not been approved in the U.S.), phenytoin (an anti-seizure medication), phenolphthalein (a solution used in chemical experiments and a suspected carcinogen) and bumetanide (a diuretic).

The findings of potentially harmful ingredients in these tainted diet pills raises concern about weight loss products being sold. All of these diet pills are marketed as “dietary supplements” and are commonly advertised as “natural” or “herbal” products. Many people just assume that if a diet pill is herbal or natural then it is safe. But even these products, as you can see, can still contain potentially harmful ingredients. Whether it is undeclared ingredients, as is the case with the above tainted diet pills, or herbal ingredients that pose potential dangerous side effects, such as Ephedra, taking diet pills should be done with care and in moderation.

There are a number of ways that customers can lower their chances of buying potentially dangerous diet pills. The best rule of thumb is that if the diet pill’s advertising sounds too good to be true, then it likely is. Diet pills that advertise themselves as “magic pills” that don’t require diet or exercise for you to lose weight should be avoided at all costs. Another warning sign for diet pills to avoid are ones that make outragous claims, such as “Lose 20 pounds in One Week”.

Another warning sign that a diet pill is of poor quality and/or may pose health risks is that there is no information about how to contact the manufacturer or distributor. Diet pill advertising should always provide contact information and a phone number or website that you can contact for more information about the product. If contact information is missing or if the diet pill does not have a website (e.g. sold only on eBay) you are better off to avoid it.

There are two other warning signs you should look for when seeking information about a diet pill. Firstly, any diet pill with advertising that is sent to you in the form of spam (unsolicited emails) should be placed on your rejected list immediately. Also, diet pill advertising should provide you with a complete breakdown of the pharmaceutical ingredients it contains, and in what amounts.

2 comments to FDA Tainted Diet Pill Warning

  • jessi

    FDA has added three more diet pills to this list, bringing the total up to 72 now. They are Herbal Xenicol, Slimbionic, and Xsvelten.

  • paula nipper

    I was ready to embark on a lose weight regime using the 2x powerful slimming, when I read your article regarding the fact that harmful ingredients were omitted.
    I had taken the steps of looking up the ingredients that were listed and saw no potential dangers and would have started taken the pills had I not come across your information.
    Thank you for saving me from taken potentially dangerous pills.

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