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Rapid Weight Loss Doesn’t Last

Many people who are looking to use diet pills for weight loss are hoping to lose a lot of weight fast. But the truth of the matter is that rapid weight loss won’t last, and most people who lose weight too quickly end up gaining all the weight back and more.

There are diet pills marketed as rapid weight loss products. One such example is the 72 Hour Diet Pill. What all rapid weight loss products have in common is that they contain ingredients that act as diuretics. All rapid weight loss pills do is purge your body of water, not fat. When you take them your weight will go down rapidly, but as soon as you stop taking them all the weight comes back. You will not lose any body fat at all, which completely defeats the purpose of dieting and diet pills.

So, what is considered rapid weight loss and why won’t it last?

Most health professionals agree that healthy weight loss (losing body fat) happens at about 2-3 pounds a week. Many people can achieve this rate of weight loss with dieting and exercise alone. Of course, everyone loses weight at different rates, and particularly at the beginning of a diet weight seems to just fly off and people typically lose even more.

Rapid Weight Loss, when not due to a health problem, is almost always associated with unhealthy weight loss methods. These methods can include starvations diets, liquid diets, extreme exercise and abuse of diet pills. Needless to say, these methods of extreme dieting are very hard on the body, often causing many health problems associated with the liver, kidneys, heart, bones and metabolism. The other major drawback to rapid weight loss is that most people who do this will fall into a cyclical pattern of gaining and losing weight called yo-yo dieting.

The bottom line is that rapid weight loss is not sustainable in any sort of healthy way. Losing weight is supposed to make you healthier, not sicker so make a plan to lose weight at a modest rate.

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