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Sliminate Diet Pills Review

Today I received three emails from site visitors wanting to know if I would review Sliminate Diet Pills. Now, usually I would add it to my to do list, but after taking a look at the “official site” of this weight loss product I felt that a Sliminate Diet Pills Review would tie in nicely with my post from this morning about How to Avoid Diet Pills Scams.

First off, Sliminate is made by the same Asian company, Kunming Dali LLC. that makes the terribly ineffective diet pill LiDa DaiDaihua, which might I add was one of the weight loss products listed on the FDA Tainted Diet Pills Warning, as was Sliminate. For this reason alone, I wouldn’t recommend Sliminate to even my worse enemy because there are real health risks associated with taking these diet pills.

Secondly, Sliminate advertising makes some really unbelievable claims that are a red flag that this product is either dangerous or ineffective, such as “… you can eat anything you want like your skinny friends and still burn off the excess weight”. As you should know by now, a claim like this is utterly ridiculous and not true.

The ingredients in Sliminate are Bitter orange, Job’s Tears Seed, Cassia Tora L, and Mulberry Leaf extract. Let’s examine each ingredient to see how it can aid weight loss:

  • Bitter Orange – Bitter Orange, also known as Citrus aurantium, contains several ingredients that are proven to stimulate metabolic rate. Of these ingredients, Bitter Orange contains two chemicals, synephrine and octopamine, that act similar to ephedrine found in ephedra. The effects of these chemicals may include reduced appetite and increased feelings of energy. Although clinical trials with Bitter Orange alone are still lacking, it has shown to enhance weight loss when combined with St. John’s wort and caffeine (Journal of Medicine. 2002;33(1-4):247-64). There have also been reports of health complications caused by Bitter Orange, including high blood pressure and heart arrhythmias that can lead to heart attack and stroke.
  • Job’s Tears Seeds – Job’s Tears is an herb commonly used in Chinese medicine. It is a strong diuretic and has antioxidant properties. Other than forcing your body to expel water, there is no scientific evidence that suggests Job’s Tears seeds will increase loss of body fat.
  • Cassia Tora L – Cassia Tora L, or Cassia seed is used as a diuretic. There is no scientific evidence that this herb aids weight loss.
  • Mulberry Leaf – Mulberry Leaf is an herb commonly used in Chinese medicine to prevent and treat diabetes by lower blood-glucose levels. There have been a number of studies conducted with mice that support Mulberry Leaf’s effectiveness in this area. Although human clinical studies are lacking, there is potential that Mulberry Leaf may help to combat metabolic conditions that interfere with weight loss, such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

From this examination of Sliminate’s ingredients it safe to say that Sliminate will do very little to help someone lose body fat. Because Sliminate contains two diuretic ingredients you can expect to lose water from your body, which will make the old bathroom scale go down and you may think “Hey, these diet pills work!”. Unfortunately, diuretics are only good for one thing… eliminating water. You will still have all the body fat you started with, you’ll just be slightly dehydrated. With this said, I think Sliminate diet pills do contain ingredients that have the potential to increase metabolism, suppress appetite and lower blood-glucose, but not in high enough doses to be effective.

Sliminate Diet Pills Review


  • some of the Sliminate ingredients contain antioxidants
  • there is some evidence that two of the Sliminate ingredients may improve weight loss results when provided at high enough doses


  • Sliminate has been tested by the FDA and found to contain potentially harmful ingredients
  • Sliminate advertising is misleading and downright lies.
  • There are no human clinical trials conducted with Sliminate that support any of its claims.
  • There is very little evidence that Sliminate ingredients will increase weight loss.

15 comments to Sliminate Diet Pills Review

  • mia

    im using sliminate and the work wonderful i have one month taking the pills and i already lose 10 pounds is amaizing!! my energy is on the top! and i dont feel like eating at all they are just great!!

  • All around – are these worth byuying? Would you say that they are some of the better ones on the market right now?

  • admin

    I cannot recommend taking Sliminate because they have been found to contain potentially harmful chemicals. There are many diet pills on the market that are much safer to take. Read reviews and check all drugs with the FDA website to make sure they are safe and recommended.

  • Erica

    When i started taking sliminate i was at 219, I’m down to 160. The pill works i love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Everyone always say thats bad for you and then something else is bad for you, Well don’t you think it’s bad to be over weight look at the risks that go with that, You think you know everything thing thats put in your food or your drinks. It’s kinda like the whole don’t drink warm water from the manufacture water bottle once it gets a little warm it causes breast cancer, People are so easy scared into stuff. All i know is i have had tons of people try this diet pill and they also love oh yeah think of the air pollution we breath in every day. Oh yeah goverments not trying to make money off that so they could care less. Oh yeah and what about all those prescription drugs they give us and there side effects I think i’ll take a headach then vomiting and diaherra or abnormal breathing or hair loss, Another words everything has its down’s and up’s. I still say it’s The Best product out there

  • Monica

    I have used these pills before and well I lost weight that I thought I would never lose. I have never been thinner. One problem with them is that taking them everyday makes me lose my sleep. I took them at least twice a week and still worked.

  • liz

    Where have you purchased them, I can’t find them anymore.

  • Sally

    I personally love to use sliminate. I started at 194 lbs and now am at 171 lbs (within 3 months). The pros for me in using this pill is the rapid weight lost and body fat. I don’t feel as hungry, which cuts your food intake. I do get to eat anything I want, the pill just helps limit the intake. The cons for me are that I don’t sleep as much. At night I struggle a lot with trying to sleep. Then during the day, sometimes I feel tired. I noticed that that when I stopped using the pill, I started to gain the weight back fast. So I went back on the pill, but taking one every other day. Still works wonders for me!!!!! I truly love this pill!!!

  • Jessica

    I love these pills as well as the brindleberry and in all lost over 25 pounds. Now I can not seem to find them. Can anyone help me in ordering them again?


    i love this pill. i lost the weight that i thought that i would never lose after having my kids. i would tell everyone who wants them extra pounds gone to use theses pills

  • Shanda

    Where In the World can we order these pill from. I know for a fact they work, but have not been able to order them for a while! I lost 11 pounts in my first two weeks on them!!!!

  • lena

    Have anyone found the sliminate? I have used before, and they really works! I lost 19 lb in a month not changing my life style, and felt better then ever! I can’t find them anywhere!

  • Rose

    I have been offered these pills over facebook but wondering if anyone who is on blood pressure tablets is taking them…Im 29 and I want to loose my baby fat i put on while pregers only im now on blood pressure tablets (micardis 80mg) I just dont want to hurt myself. Everything does have a good and bad so i understand all that but other than sleepis there anything else anyone noticed????

  • Amy

    Hi Rose,
    I took these pills a few years ago and did not experience blood pressure issues. These do make your heart race a bit, so I am not sure if that would effect someone with blood pressure issues.
    Besides the increased heart rate, I experienced extreme dry mouth, decreased appetite and an increase in energy. I lost over 20 pounds when I took these and wish that I was able to locate these for purchase.
    If you have access to these please let me know.

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