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Acai Colon Cleanse Scams

A number of people have contacted me lately wanting to know if these Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse products really work for weight loss. I was already quite familiar with these weight loss products because there seems to be hundreds of blogs selling this stuff as part of one of the most aggressive online sales scams I have ever come across.

These acai and colon cleanse scams are sold under the following product names:

  • Acai Burn with Easy Weight Loss Cleanse
  • Acai Berry Detox with Colon Pure Cleanse
  • Acai – Noni Burner with Colon Total Cleanse
  • Pure Acai Berry with Total Cleanse
  • Acai Supreme with Probiotics Colon Cleanse

You will find numerous blogs that claim to tell the weight loss story of a woman who used these products and lost 35+ pounds, but none of these blogs are real – the people aren’t real, the photos aren’t real, and the product endorsements and testimonials are definitely not real. For example, here is a list of just a few of these Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse Scam blogs:

  • melorasweightloss.com
  • annasweightlossblog.com
  • sarahsmedicalblog.com
  • mygreatoffers.com/karina.htm
  • beccasdiet.com
  • annsweightloss.co.uk
  • 3gpstreet.com/Maria-Diet-Blog/
  • verasweightloss.com
  • rubyweightloss.com
  • mydietmagic.com
  • hopesdiet.com
  • www-grants.org
  • nataliesweightloss.com
  • ashleylostweight.com
  • carriesdietblog.com
  • emilysweightloss.com
  • jilliansweightlosssecrets.com
  • lindseys-weight-loss.com
  • jen.fastweight-loss.org
  • rachelsdietblog.com
  • rachelsdietwatch.com
  • carlasweightloss.com
  • debrasdiet.com

Not only are these blogs completely devious in their attempts to take advantage of your trust by feeding you fake weight loss success stories, but the “free trials” they offer are not free at all. Even though a trial of the products may be free, these websites will charge you to become a member of their program. If you don’t become a member, you won’t get your products. Here is an example of just one Rip Off Report regarding an Acai Colon Cleanse scam: Lvperforma acai berry sample and the colon cleanse rip-off scam. Nevada Nationwide.

Will Acai Berry and Colon Cleanse products help you to lose weight?

There are many health benefits associated with acai berry, but it is not the weight loss miracle these websites will have you believe. If you are interested in trying Acai it is recommended you buy acai powder or acai juice from a reputable source. As for colon cleansing products, there is no evidence that their use can help you to lose weight.

Other Product Scams to be Aware Of

Scams using these same fake blogs doesn’t end with just Acai Colon Cleanse scams. Other online scams by these same people include the weight loss product Ultra Lean Green Energy Tea and the anti-acne products IQ Derma Clear and Lift SP.

2 comments to Acai Colon Cleanse Scams

  • trish

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know that this post about these Acai scams saved my skin. I was just about to order a free trial when I read your post here and I am so glad I didn’t go through with it now that ABC News has come out and confirmed that they are just scamming people. It’s really too bad. These Acai scammers should be charged with fraud!

  • Caroline

    I am a person from the Acai berry scam, I ordered a the “free Trial” for 3.95 and after 15 days they took an additional €85.00 from my visa card. What a scam and now I feel so stupid!
    My friend has ordered 8 bottles of the Acai berry and colon cleanse on a couple of her 3v cards(monies on a 3v cards can be withdrawn once by a company)and she received the supplies. The company could not take from 3V and was only charged the 3.95 for each order!

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