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Tesofensine – New Anti-Obesity Drug

In the quest for a drug to help with obesity, there have been some semi-successful drugs, and some that have been total and utter failures. Some do help in moderate ways and are not approved for long term use, and others have been proven to be deadly and have been yanked from the market. Drug companies are always looking to come up with something that is safe and that will work. One new drug that is being developed is Tesofensine.

Tesofensine Anti-Obesity Drug

Like other drugs, Tesofensine was once being developed and researched for something other than weight loss. Viagra was a drug meant to help with heart problems, but was found to be effective for other bodily functions, thus the focus of the drug changed. With Tesofensine, it was first for Parkinson’s Disease, but was not working as hoped. However, they found that those in the research studies who were overweight and obese were losing weight. The drug found a new promise.

What was found during testing of Tesofensine was that this drug is a great appetite suppressant, and also helps with metabolizing fat. These are two keys to weight loss that many struggle with each day, and are two of the reasons why people fail at losing weight. If you are always hungry, it is nearly impossible to cut calories enough to lose. If the metabolism is too slow, the body will store fat and the dieter will be low on energy. If Tesofensine can help with both of these safely, it could be a great obesity fighting drug.

There were some reported side effects that could be reasons why some will not be able to take the drug, and others are going to be nuisances but will not disqualify users from seeing what happens with Tesofensine. Some in clinical trials reported increased heart rate, dry mouth, constipation, nausea, insomnia, and high blood pressure. As with any other weight loss aid, this is just another reason to have a full physical and regular check-ups with a doctor will on a medication.

More testing is to be done on Tesofensine before it is released. So far, the results are very promising, and it has worked better than any other drug on the market. The safety of any drug is a concern, so testing will work out the potential for safe ingestion. However, because Tesofensine has shown to work very well in very small doses, any side effects will hopefully be minimal and most dieters who fall into the obese category will be able to take it safely under the watchful eye of their physician.

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