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Qnexa Diet Pills

Qnexa is a diet pill made from a combination of phentermine and an epilepsy drug topiramate, or Topamax. A first study carried out by the company that produced Qnexa did not bring out substantive results; further research was later carried out to improve on the drug. On completion of the testing and research, the second phase of the study was done on a randomized, ‘double blind’, placebo controlled research comparing the Qnexa drug to placebo, topiramate and phentermine. The primary as well as the secondary efficacy measurements also showed that Qnexa drug was considerably better than the placebo and active single-agent manage groups.

 Qnexa Diet PillsIn the world today, more people than ever are fighting obesity as one of the century’s most serious health problems. Pharmacists and scientists in general are sparing no effort to help people who are battling with this problem. The experimental drug Qnexa hopes to achieve better results in weight management. An average weight of 9.2 percent was lost from overweight patients who took the drug as compared to those who took individual components of the drug and other people who consumed only a placebo pill or mid-dose. Participants of this experimental drug had instructions that were to be observed. They were required to take a maximum of 500 calories per day as well as exercise for at least three days a week.

Qnexa diet pills are now being developed for treatment as a proprietary pharmaceutical agent that can incorporate active ingredients as with two of the previously accepted products, which demonstrated weight loss ability. Although the FDA has accepted the approval of the two active ingredients in Qnexa diet pills, the drug might not be seen on the shelves soon. The reason for this is that phentermine, which is still sold as a diet drug, reportedly caused valve damage in the heart when combined with fenfluramine, in an off-label drug combination called Fen-Phen. There is concern that the combination of phentermine with topiramate may also cause similar adverse health effects.

Qnexa diet pills were reportedly tolerated well during experimental trials; the side effects noted were dry mouth, itching, constipation and altered taste. Two extensive trials are to be carried out in mid-2009 and the manufacturer is optimistic about the results. There are plans to apply for drug administration and US food approval at the end of 2009. Qnexa can be used as a treatment for diabetes but questions still arise regarding the combinations of topiramate and phentermine. Further studies will have to be done to prove the safety levels of Qnexa before the diabetes treatment can go fully ahead.

Millions of people around the world are either overweight or obese. This has become one of the main health issues in the world as other chronic diseases are related and brought about by weight problems. Qnexa diet pills are a drug that shows promise and provides a potentially viable solution to the baffling weight problem. Initial testing has proven that the drug can significantly contribute to solving the issue of weight gain and aid countless, struggling people.

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