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Laxative Use for Weight Loss

Society today applies a lot of pressure for perfection in terms of beauty and weight to the point that many desperate people will try the impossible to accomplish this goal. Many poorly-informed people have turned to the use of laxatives for weight loss, only to find out in the end that the use of laxatives to lose weight is a poor choice and is very unhealthy. Particularly with long-term use, laxatives can have very damaging effects on the body and are not considered a healthy or sustainable means to lose weight.

Using laxatives to lose weight is unhealthy and unsafe. Instead of laxatives try to eat a healthy diet of foods that are naturally rich in fiber, such as sweet corn.

Using laxatives to lose weight is unhealthy and unsafe. Instead of laxatives try to eat a healthy diet of foods that are naturally rich in fiber, such as sweet corn.

Anything that helps speed up food digestion is good to one’s ear; especially when weight loss is the order of the day. This is why laxatives are commonly used, either as is or are taken in combination with other herbs in diet pills. Unfortunately, what people do not realize is that the use of laxatives interferes with the natural rhythm of their digestive system. Taking laxatives for weight loss when your digestive system is working well can negatively impact the way your body rids wastes. Daily intake of laxatives is very harmful and one ought to avoid them at all costs.

Since laxatives are used to absorb body fluids, laxatives will help you to lose water weight and rid your body of waste products rapidly. In the long-run, however, laxatives may end up being harmful to the body. Laxative abuse is becoming an increasingly popular way of controlling weight especially in those who suffer from various eating disorders. The main reason for consuming laxatives is for stimulation of the emptying of large bowels. However, this occurs after absorption of calories and food through the body’s small intestine. Often, the use of laxatives leads to the loss of water in the body, which is then followed by periods of water retention and bloating. Dehydration of the body has a negative effect on metabolism and will actually hinder weight loss.

Taking laxatives in large amounts for a long duration of time will definitely affect fat absorption in the body. This can further lead to one having a greased waste product and even weight loss. Deliberate abuse and misuse of laxatives is common for people suffering from anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Excessive abuse of laxatives will lead to permanent damage to the intestinal tract as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, including softening and weakening bones, which is a condition known as osteomalacia.

Although some people may need to consume laxatives due to constipation, regular laxative use for weight loss is not safe or healthy and can ruin regular intestinal activity. If you need to take a laxative for constipation, make sure to drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet high in fiber. If constipation persists it is strongly recommended that you seek medical help.

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