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Pine Nut Oil for Appetite Suppression

There are a lot of different things on the weight loss market that work, but they all work in slightly different ways. Some aid in fat burning while others claim to help the body work out more effectively. Some of the most promising supplements are ones that come from truly natural sources and that have been used for such a long time that they are accepted as safe. Pine nut oil from Korea is one of those supplements. This is known to help aid in the reduction of appetite in dieters that take it thirty minutes or more before a meal. Korean Pine Nut Oil can be purchased in it’s pure form and it is also a common diet pill ingredient in many over-the-counter diet pills, such as Lipitrex.

Korean Pine Nut Oil is believed to help suppress appetite and is a common ingredient in natural diet pills and supplements, such as Pinno Thin shown here.

Korean Pine Nut Oil is believed to help suppress appetite and is a common ingredient in natural diet pills and supplements, such as Pinno Thin shown here.

One study done on a product called Pinno Thinac (Korean Pine Nut Oil) was conducted with the help of 42 overweight women who volunteered for the study. The dosage used for the study was two, four, and six grams containing triglyceride and free fatty acids all contained in the product. The volunteers were given a dose and then presented with a lunch about thirty minutes later. Others were given a different oil as a study control. Those taking pine nut oil saw a reduction in appetite while those on the control oil did not.

Though called a nut, a pine nut actually falls into the seed category. Many nuts and seeds contain higher amounts of fats. That alone can suppress the appetite. Smart dieters know to keep higher fat nuts on hand for a snack midday or late at night. They are filling in small amounts and keep hunger at bay. The difference between pine nut oil and other seed or nut oils is the CCK (cholecystokinin) that is released when fatty acids in the oil are ingested. This is a strong appetite suppressing hormone and seems to be one of the biggest reasons why those taking pine nut oil do not feel as hungry as others not taking it.

Pine nut oil can be found in a supplement store or online. It is a common ingredient in some pestos, so that might be an option to get it into your diet if you want to try it. You can try other ways to incorporate the whole nuts into your diet, or use the oil and capsules if you wish. Other benefits of taking pine nut oil include antioxidant protection, heart health, and it can also be a digestive aid for those that have problems. While it should not hurt to add this to your diet, you may want to mention it to your doctor when talking about your weight loss plans and goals. If you are allergic to nuts or seeds of any types, make sure pine nuts are not going to cause a reaction.

3 comments to Pine Nut Oil for Appetite Suppression

  • I tried fish oil and it really helped with those fatty acids. The problem was that it made my stomach upset….
    Any suggestions?

  • admin

    There are many food sources of fatty acids other than fish oil. If taking fish oil upsets your stomach then try adding foods rich in fatty acids to your diet, such as flax, seeds and nuts, leafy greens, olive oil, lean meats, eggs and whole grains. You can also try eating fish meat (not just the oil) and see if that upsets your stomach.

  • Flax is my favorite way to get the fatty acids. You can try straight omega supplements also. But try mixing it in with a smoothy and see if that helps.

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