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Form, Fixx and Fibe Review

Form, Fixx, and Fibe are actually three separate weight loss supplements with three separate goals that should be taken only with a doctor’s recommendation. That way, you will know if they are right for you, which ones are right for you, and whether you should take them alone or in conjunction with one another.

Form, Fixx and Fibe are two diet pills and a meal replacement that are some of the most expensive weight loss supplements being sold.

Form, Fixx and Fibe are two diet pills and a meal replacement that are intended to be a complete weight loss supplement program.

Form is the first pill in the series and is used in order to manage the sensation of being hungry. It functions as a gastric bulking agent, which means that when you take it ahead of a meal with water, it expands within your stomach so that you feel fuller than you usually would with your meal. According to Form advertising, this way you will be more capable of controlling the size of your portions and eating a meal that is sized in a way that is far more conducive to weight loss. It also helps you to build better habits in making your food choices because you will not be functioning on the feeling of starvation when you choose your foods and the quantities that you eat. You will be decisive rather than compulsive. It is a simple hunger management tool with far fewer side effects than the prescription-strength varieties currently available. Form diet pills contain a polyacrylic acid hydrogel that is capable of absorbing up to 1000 times its own weight in water.

The next element in the series is called Fixx. This is a chocolate-flavored shake designed for meal replacement. It allows you to consume a high quality product that contains vitamins and minerals, probiotics and antioxidants, proteins, digestive enzymes, and a blend of both fruits and veggies. It is a sweet drink that uses honey crystals as a sweetener instead of refined sugar or artificial chemical sweetening products. It is conveniently packaged in single servings so that no measuring is required and you can grab them on the go.

The third portion of the series is Fibe, which is a natural organic fiber-based cleansing bulking agent. It comes in capsule form and when two to three are taken about 20 minutes before eating, and then it turns any meal into a nutritious, well absorbed, high-fiber diet. Though not intended to actually replace a meal, it is a solid compliment to whatever you eat in a day.

From reviewing these weight loss supplements it is clear that they are not based on any science that would support “healthy” weight loss. For example, the Form diet pills are nothing more than a bulking agent and add no nutritional or health value to your life other than they will make you feel full before a meal and thus you will eat less. You would get more nutritional value out of eating cardboard than you would taking these pills, but alas this is like many diet pills on the market today.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the Form diet pills are their cost. One bottle costs about $45 USD and contains 40 pills. Since you are supposed to take 2 pills before every meal, and assuming you eat on average three meals a day, then one bottle of Form diet pills will last you just under a week. This will eventually add up to $180 USD or more per month just for the Form diet pills and you haven’t even dished out for the Fixx and Fibe yet. That is way too expensive.

The Fixx dietary supplement recommended to be taken with Form diet pills contains some healthy appearing ingredients, but without knowing the exact amounts of these ingredients it contains it is impossible to say if it will have any health benefit. Fixx dietary supplement retails for about $40 USD for a 12 pack, which like Form diet pills is way too expensive for what this really is.

Finally you add Fibe to this mix of expensive weight loss program. Fibe is nothing more than fiber that will act as another bulking agent and help you to feel full before your meals. You also take 2-3 capsules of Fibe before each meal, which makes me wonder how effective Form diet pills really are if you need the help of another bulking agent to make you full. Either way, there is again no nutritional value to taking Fibe other than adding fiber to your diet, which you would be way better off doing by eating some fruits and vegetables. Fibe diet pills retail for about $45 USD per bottle of 90 pills. If you take 2-3 pills before each meal then one bottle will last you about 10-15 days.

OK, so let’s do the math. For a one month supply of Form, Fixx and Fibe you will dish out close to $400 USD. WOW! Now that’s an expensive weight loss program and when you consider that two of the main products are just bulking agents then the price really seems ridiculous. Don’t waste your money on these products.

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