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Phyto Shape Diet Pill Review

Phyto Shape diet pills are one of 69 diet pills recalled by the US FDA after being found to contain controlled substances.

Phyto Shape diet pills are one of 69 diet pills recalled by the US FDA after being found to contain controlled substances.

In December of 2008, the FDA created a list of 28 weight loss products which are no longer considered to be safe for consumption and were then recalled. Later, in February of 2009, an additional 41 products were added to that list (for the full list, see the post “FDA Tainted Diet Pill Warning“). Among these products considered to be tainted or dangerous is Phyto Shape. Though the label insists that you can safely and naturally lose weight with the assistance of Phyto Shape, the FDA begs to differ. Though it has ruled that the pills be taken down off store shelves and that it should no longer be sold in the United States, there are still some websites that continue to make it available.

It is for precisely this reason that it is so highly advised that you do your research into any weight loss diet pill you are considering, and that you speak with your doctor before beginning any program in the attempts to lose weight – especially if medications are involved.

Among the products analyzed by the FDA when Phyto Shape was removed from the list of substances to be legally sold were a large number containing undeclared pharmacological ingredients. These agents included substances that are not legal in the United States, controlled substances, and hazardous chemicals. For example, several products contained a seizure drug called phenytoin. Another contained a chemical not permitted in the U.S, called rimonabant. The controlled substance, sibutramine, was also found. Each of these substances are considered by the FDA to be dangerous to the health within those products.

Always remember that you cannot simply blindly trust the labeling on weight loss products that you may find online. Even if, like Phyto Shape, they claim that they are all-natural or herbal weight loss remedies, they may also contain substances that remain unlisted. Investigate any drug you’re considering before consuming it, making especially sure to check the recent FDA ban lists that reflect their discoveries of inappropriate labeling and formula ingredients. This simple effort, which can be done by consulting your doctor, a qualified pharmacist, and some quick research with a search engine online can make all the difference to your health and your effective weight loss.

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