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Slimb Bomb Pills Review

The weight loss supplement Slim Bomb is marketed by the company called Dplan. It claims that extreme weight loss is possible for users of their diet pills through the benefits of appetite suppression, a metabolism boost, thermogenesis (fat burning), and heightened energy levels. It claims to work quite quickly while remaining safe. Though its main target market does appear to be women, it states that it is effective and safe for both men and women alike. Its marketing materials state that users will typically lose between fourteen and twenty-one pounds within a period of seven weeks without having to diet.

Slim Bomb Pills

Slim Bomb contains a few common diet pill ingredients, however only one ingredient has proven weight loss effects.

The official website for Slim Bomb does not provide an ingredients list (or a great deal of information) about their product, though other distributers and sellers of the product have provided an unofficial partial ingredients list: Chitosan, Garcinia Cambogia, Ginseng and Gotu Kola.

None of these ingredients have any real reputable scientific studies to substantiate the claims that Slim Bomb diet pills will help you to lose weight. Garcinia Cambogia, which contains the stimulant hydroxycitric acid (HCA), is known to enhance metabolism and energy, but other than that the ingredients are rather lacking.

The information that is provided about Slim Bomb diet pills is quite vague so that no firm conclusions can be made about the product. In terms of pricing, each bottle of Slim Bomb diet pills costs approximately $65 US, which includes the shipping price.

Slim Bomb doesn’t seem any different from any number of hundreds of other weight loss supplements out there with similar ingredients that may or may not have any impact at all on weight loss. This being said, without an official list of ingredients it is impossible to say whether or not Slim Bomb diet pills will be effective or even safe to take. Generally, diet pills containing good quality, proven ingredients are more than willing to list their ingredients as this is a selling feature. Thus, weight loss products like Slim Bomb that don’t disclose this information likely contain substandard ingredients.

People considering buying Slim Bomb diet pills should be aware that there is a similarly-named product called Super Slim Bomb sold online. Super Slim Bomb diet pills are manufactured in Asia and contain very different ingredients.

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