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Therma Slim Diet Pills Review

Therma Slim is intended to be used as a weight loss supplement and is manufactured by Total Nutrition. Though the manufacturer does have a flashy website, it fails to list Therma Slim among the series of products that it has to offer. The lack of official presence for the product leaves reviewers wondering about the disassociation between this weight loss drug and its distributor and marketers.

Therma Slim Diet Pills Review

Therma Slim diet pills contain stimulants and diuretics to help increase metabolism and reduce water weight, respectively.

The information that could be gathered about Therma Slim has, therefore, has been gleaned from third party retailers who sell the product, and not the official company producing the drug itself. The claims being made about this drug are that it boosts the function of the metabolism. This diet pill works on the premise that dieters who reduce the number of calories in their diet gradually slow their metabolisms, meaning that even though the dieter is eating less, he or she is also burning fewer calories than before the diet, so it takes longer to lose weight. Because of this natural reaction within the body, energy levels are low so it’s hard to stay motivated and to keep activity levels up, and meanwhile, the dieter does not lose as much weight. To combat this, Therma Slim claims to contain ingredients that help to keep the metabolism running quickly and give an energy boost at the same time.

The following ingredients are what Therma Slim uses in its formula to attempt to create the results that it advertises: Vitamin B6, Chromium, Guggul extract, Sida Cordifolia, Pancreatin, Yohimbe, Kelp, Dandelion, Burdock Powder and Vanadyl Sulfate.

There are a few proven ingredients among these listed. To begin with, Sida cordiofolia is a source of ephedrine that stimulates the metabolism, helps to burn body fat and increases energy levels. Chromium and guggul extract are common diet pill ingredients used to suppress appetite. Dandelion and burdock are both effective diuretics that force the body to expel excess water, which will result in weight loss, but only temporarily.

Will Therma Slim diet pills be effective and help you reach your weight loss target? Perhaps. Just like most other diet pills, if you combine these with a healthier diet and exercise you will likely lose some weight. Keep in mind, however, that Therma Slim diet pills won’t be for everyone. They do contain a number of stimulants that can cause some negative side effects, such as jitters, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and insomnia. It is best to consult with you doctor before taking these diet pills if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking any kind of medication.

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