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8-Hr Energy Pills Review

The 8-Hr Energy Pill by Bhelliom Enterprises is a diet pill that is marketed for its ability to help lower body mass while boosting energy levels. However, upon close examination of the ingredients, it would be wise to speak with a qualified doctor in order to ensure that this is a safe idea for any user. This is because there are some ingredients contained within this drug that have been known to cause some very unpleasant side effects and that are now causing warnings to pop up all over the reputable medical world.

8-Hr Energy Pill

The 8-Hr Energy Pill contains caffeine and other stimulants to provide a boost in energy and metabolism.

The ingredients in the 8 Hour Energy Pill include Cinnamon Twig, Galangal Rhizome, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Naringin, Green Tea Leaf, Glucuronolactone, Caffeine, Hoodia Gordonii, and Guggulsterones.

Each 8-Hr Energy capsule contains a 211mg proprietary blend of all these ingredients. The first two listed ingredients in the proprietary blend are green tea leaf extract and caffeine, which suggests that these make up the largest component of these diet pills. If this is actually the case then 8-Hr Energy Pills may contain enough caffeine to provide a decent boost in energy, similar to drinking a cup of coffee. Caffeine also helps to suppress appetite and raise metabolism to some extent.

Though Green Tea Leaf is known to have some weight loss benefit, the manufacturer of the 8 Hour Energy Pill does not provide the quantities of its ingredients. As a high concentration of this ingredient is required for efficacy, according to scientific studies, it is very unlikely that enough has been included in this formula to be effective.

Cinnamon has started to be a common ingredient in some weight loss supplements because it is believed that this ingredient can help to regulate blood sugar and assists with insulin resistance. Though it is believed that this can assist with weight loss, specific studies demonstrating the weight loss assisting effect of cinnamon on humans have yet to be performed by reputable researchers.

Yohimbe Bark Extract is also appearing in a large number of non-prescription weight loss supplements, but not without attracting negative attention among many doctors. The ingredient is used for its supposed ability to cause thermogenesis – that is, a boost to the metabolism. Unfortunately, while there are no studies to actually support this claim, what is instead present is a large number of dangerous side effects such as blood pressure changes, irregular heartbeat, and even a heightened risk of heart attack.

Hoodia Gordonii has received a tremendous amount of media attention because of the enormous claims it makes about being an effective appetite suppressant. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, there is not only insufficient medical evidence to make any claims at all about appetite suppression, but there are also insufficient studies to demonstrate that it is safe to use.

Guggulsterones, like Green Tea Leaf, have been known to have some positive impact on weight loss through appetite suppression, but only when used in adequate quantities. Though the quantities are unknown, as this ingredient is very far down in the list, it is unlikely that quantities of this part of the formula are adequate to generate any benefits.

The big question is whether 8-Hr Energy Pills will really boost energy for the full eight hours. Anyone who drinks a couple cups of coffee in the morning knows that the effects of caffeine do wear off in much less time than 8 hours. For this reason it is unlikely this product has such a lasting effect.

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