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Hydroxycut Complete 7-Day Cleanse Recalled

Like the FDA in the United States, Health Canada has issued a warning against all Hydroxycut products, specifically the Hydroxycut 7-Day Cleanse, which has been recalled. The cause of this recall is a serious health risk that results from the combined effect of some of its active ingredients. Health experts have already been questioning the safety of the primary active ingredient in Hydroxycut, which is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), but it is the combination of the ingredients within Hydroxycut that have caused the recall.

Hydroxycut 7-Day Cleanse

The US FDA and Health Canada have issued public health warnings regarding the safety of Hydroxycut 7-Day Cleanse.

The Hydroxycut Complete 7-Day Cleanse product was one in the form of a pill that claimed to be able to cleanse the body by removing toxins. The label of the product listed over thirty active ingredients, each with various purposes, from diuretics to laxatives. Dangerous ingredient combinations aside, even taking diuretics and laxatives this strong can have consequences as it causes the body to quickly dehydrate and throws off the electrolyte balance.

Healthy problems associated with Hydroxycut, manufactured by Iovate Health Sciences, Inc., have been primarily related to the liver. Health Canada’s public warning went out on May 1, 2009 advising any users of the product to discontinue its use immediately due to the liver damage that had been reported by several people to the FDA in the United States. Currently, no Hydroxycut products, including the Complete 7-Day Cleanse pill, has authorization to be sold in Canada.

Health Canada itself has received 17 separate adverse reaction (AR) reports from within the country, though these were regarding other bodily systems and not the liver. Canadian AR reports relating to Hydroxycut products were related to the respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and neurological systems. There is currently a review underway by Health Canada to further investigate the Hydroxycut ingredients, formulas, and dosages, as well as other factors that may cause Hydroxycut products to be a health risk.

Health Canada and the FDA have been working together with Iovate Health Sciences, Inc. in an attempt to identify any possible safety problems with the products. Any ARs reported about these products will continue to be accepted and carefully reviewed as new safety information is assembled about Hydroxycut’s formulas.

Health Canada is advising everyone to avoid purchasing these and other unauthorized products as they could place an individual’s health at a serious risk. Before taking any weight loss pill, it is important to first speak with a doctor and/or pharmacist and check with Health Canada’s public advisories in order to ensure that it has not been banned.

15 comments to Hydroxycut Complete 7-Day Cleanse Recalled

  • diane antolinni

    Thank God I first looked this up before consuming the Hydroxycut 7-day cleanse. I would have suffered severe health problems otherwise. I had no idea that this product was re-called in Canada and the USA. Why wasn’t it taken off the shelves???

  • Julie Haden

    I work for a health food store and have recommended this product to many people!!!!!!!
    It is a good thing no one HAS DIED as a result!!!!!!!!! You idiots!!! TAKE IT OFF THE

  • anikan

    OMG. I’m shocked. I bought this and planned to use it after the holidays. Why wasn’t this made known more publicly!

  • Sonya

    I used this back in August 2009 and had very good results. No adverse side effects and I have had my liver function tested since and everything was normal. I plan to use it again.

  • Kim

    My boyfriend was encouraged to do a body cleanse, he bought complete 7 day cleanse, I am glad I found the recall information before he began to use it!

  • Francisca

    I just bought this yesterday and took my first dose without knowing about this recall. Nothing was posted at the store. I will continue with it and see how it goes. Does anyone know if any changes have been made in the formula since the product was first recalled??

  • Marcia

    I had bought this a while back and it is the first time I am using this, I just took 3 out of the 5 dosages, OMG hope I am ok

  • Maria

    I used this product twice and it really works, I had a little bit of problem to get it this year, (I like to use this product twice a year), but finally I got it, and for sure I will use it again if I can get it. I had no side effects, and it works perfectly. My liver is ok.

  • Geno

    I just bought this product today, took my first dose and haven’t had any bowel movements. Does it really work? the dude at GNC didn’t know anything about this product. You would think that if it was recalled he would know something. I am sure I will be fine but I am worried that it wont work.

  • Reese

    I bought this product about a year ago and never took it until 5 days ago I started. I already took 50 of them.I have 20 left. I didn’t know it was recalled until today due to broken computer.I wonder if I ought to finish it now. I have no problems at all from it.Any suggestions??? hmmm

  • Reese

    What happened to my comment I posted?

  • diane

    I used the hydroxycut7 day clense and I absolutly loved it. I have lymphademea in my legs and feet. And for the first time in 20 yrs the swelling went down in my feet. My fee almost looked normal. I will definitly use it again if I can get it.

  • Raj

    THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT THAT WORKS 100% !! I had a week live for years due to which I could not digest food, After using Complete 7-day Cleanse hydroxycut, My energy went through the roof, This is the only product I know does that. I have a reason to believe that this product may have adversely affected other companies to such an extend that, they fabricated this false complain. I swear under penalty of perjury that I am a consumer and not affiliate myself with any groups or organization. From the above comment we have, Sonya, Francisca,Marcia(paranoid because of false information), Maria, Geno,Reese and Diane, We have 7 out of 11 people saying the product WORKS GREAT!!, I say we do something about this recall. Because I need my hydroxycut complete 7 day cleanse. I am going to write a letter to the company, and send this link so please continue to post your comments

  • Raj

    I have used the product and found that after Cleansing by body with Hydrocut 7-day cleanse, I get energized physicall, by stomach works better and absolute no side effect and I have used it 2008, 2009 and 2010, Now I cannot buy it. That is sad.

  • K.Holman

    I use tis product once a year and hasn’t had any problems with using it. It works, had no side affects, still don’t know anyone who has had any side affects after using this product. The Scientists ast Hydroxycut know what they are doing.

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