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Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

Svetol is marketed as an ingredient for weight loss supplements that is supposed to be helpful in refining the form of the body. It claims to be able to not only help to user to lower the overall weight of the body, but also redefine its shape, making it more “harmonious” and appealing. This is apparently accomplished through a plant source, which is the green coffee bean. Research has shown that the green coffee bean contains a compound called Chlorogenic acid. According to the marketing materials for Svetol green coffee bean extract, it is an ingredient that is tremendously high in antioxidants – twice as much as can be found within chocolate.


Svetol is green coffee bean extract that contains an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid that helps to stabilize blood sugar.

What Svetol considers unique about itself is that it leaves the coffee bean green and does not roast the bean as is traditional in preparing this ingredient. Instead, it is left raw, which avoids the destruction of important compounds within the bean, such as the Chlorogenic acid, that are considered to be the healthiest components in the bean.

Some research with Chlorogenic acid suggests that this compound enables the body to use its fats for energy more effectively and reduce the amount of sugars absorbed by the body when consumed in foods. As this compound may be able to help stabilize blood glucose levels following a meal, it may be a helpful tool for weight loss in people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. Also, by stabilizing blood sugar levels hunger may be better controlled.

Svetol is used in both beverage and capsule forms on its own and as an ingredient in many diet pill formulas. A single dose of Svetol is typically the equivalent of drinking between three and six cups of coffee, though it is claimed that there is significantly less caffeine contained in the dose than in the popular hot beverage. In fact, it states that there is less caffeine in Svetol than can be found in one quarter of a cup of average strength coffee. Svetol marketers say that due to the lack of certain molecules found within coffee, it can guarantee itself to be free of kahweol and cafestol. This is important because while there are thought to be medicinal benefits to kahweol and cafestol, they are also thought to raise blood cholesterol levels.

Svetol green coffee bean extract is a fairly new weight loss product that still lacks supportive evidence from human studies that it can promote weight loss. Despite this, it is now being added to a number of weight loss products and is also marketed as a dietary supplement on its own. Although there is no evidence yet that suggests taking Svetol poses health risks, without human clinical studies it is unknown what type of side effects this compound can pose.

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