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Expedrine Review

Marketed as a weight loss supplement, Expedrine’s manufacturer claims that it uses a host of various stimulants in order to provide an energy boost to the body. The belief is that fat is burned more rapidly when the body’s energy level rises. However, many stimulant-based supplements and drugs have a bad track record for unpleasant side effects and short-term benefits. Is Expedrine among them?

Expedrine is a diet pill that contains the stimulants synephrine, guarana and theobromine that act to increase metabolism and energy levels.

Expedrine is a diet pill that contains the stimulants synephrine, guarana and theobromine that act to increase metabolism and energy levels.

To begin, the ingredients must be studied in order to determine the efficacy and safety of a pill. Within Expedrine are the ingredients: synephrine, guarana, and theobromine. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Expedrine does not disclose the concentrations or any specific information about the quality or source of the ingredients it includes in the formula.

Synephrine is an ingredient that is extremely common in many over-the-counter weight loss supplements. That being said, the potential for results through the use of this ingredient are rather low. There has yet to be a study that proves that the health risks associated with this ingredient make up for any weight loss results that may be seen. Clinical studies have shown that synephrine use can cause a high risk of cardiovascular problems including high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes.

Guarana is another ingredient that is often seen in weight loss supplements for its high content of stimulants. In fact, this plant, sourced in South America, is a stimulant that is three times more powerful than the coffee bean. This also means that the stimulant-related side effects are potentially three times stronger, including high blood pressure (which does not combine well with the risk of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems from the main ingredient, synephrine), jitters, sleeplessness, headaches, and nausea.

Theobromine is another stimulant which is extracted from the cacao plant. It is comparable, but not as strong as caffeine in its effect. That being said, some very strong side effects have been linked to its use.

There is a dramatic range of pricing available online for purchasing Expedrine. Currently, it can be found for anywhere from $44.99 to $89.99 per bottle with no mention of any kind of satisfaction guarantee from the product’s manufacturer.

As it is neither a safe nor healthy option and the manufacturers don’t even mention a healthy diet and exercise routine to complement its use, this review cannot recommend this drug when there are cheaper, more effective, and safer options readily available as alternatives.

3 comments to Expedrine Review

  • Phen375

    Is Expedrine is similar to well known Ephedra? What kind of side effects can users experience?

  • WinnieNelsen

    What are the side effects that a person can get from taking these diet pills? I have tried some pills and the side effect always makes me go to the bathroom. It was uncomfortable since I’m working.

  • Phen375 Scam

    Yes, I have been scammed too I live in Australia and have been unable to contact AcaiBurn “Customer Service Toll-Free Number or find an email or postal address details to send any correspondence to. I have contacted my bank who’ve put it in as a Disputed Item, so hopefully next month there won’t be a delivery (although after reading all of your complaints I am not holding my breath) however I would still like to put it in writing to them does anyone know any other contact details I could use.

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