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Xyphedra Review

Xyphedra is one of the weight loss supplement drugs manufactured by Maddox-Remington Pharmaceuticals R&D. It is one of the diet drugs currently available that are marketed to have overwhelmingly large immediate results without adequate proof to stand up to their claims. For example, the official website for this drug says that within the first seventy two hours of use, their users will shed twelve pounds.

xyphedra diet pills

Xyphedra diet pills are marketed to have overwhelmingly large immediate results without adequate proof to stand up to their claims.

This being said, even with the tremendous claims, the Xyphedra marketing does say that its ingredients and formula are entirely legal and can be purchased without a prescription from a doctor. It is available for purchase for around forty dollars per bottle and does include a money-back guarantee through the manufacturer.

The promise is that the goals of Xyphedra diet pills are achieved by boosting the metabolism of the user, as well as his or her energy levels so that it is easier to exercise even on a reduced-calorie diet. With the use of graphics and explanations, Xyphedra tries to explain how it works within the body to achieve its astronomical results. Apparently, Xyphedra sends a boosted signal in the body to stimulate fat cells to cause them to be burned off as energy. This is an extremely simplified (perhaps overly-so) and does not exactly explain anything regarding how the drug’s ingredients cause this to occur.

The ingredients, by the way, are listed on the website as being: Green Tea Extract, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Chocamine, Picamilon and Phenylethylamine. The green tea, if it is used in adequate daily quantities – though this is not indicated in the information from the Xyphedra site – can cause the metabolism to be stimulated and run more effectively. None of the rest of the ingredients have any clinical evidence that in this formula they will cause the weight loss that the company claims will occur within the first few days. In fact, all of these ingredients are quite common in dozens – if not hundreds – of other weight loss formulas.

Xyphedra diet pills used to include ephedra as an ingredient, which has been known to be quite dangerous at times. It was banned by the FDA in 2004, which prompted the manufacturers of Xyphedra to eliminate this ingredient from their formula. This said, if you took the old version of Xyphedra that contained ephedra, do not expect the same results from this diet pill.

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