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Best and Worst Sources of Protein for Dieting

lean protein for dieting

When choosing protein for dieting, lean meats and low fat options are ideal.

When you diet, you need protein to make sure you have success. This is a given but it also needs to be the right protein for dieting. The wrong protein can just reverse your progress. Sometimes it is a way that the protein is handled, raised or fed.

Best and worst sources of protein for dieting

Grass fed beef: This is a cleaner better beef that will be easily digested and will have maintained the amino acids needed for health.

Grain fed beef: this is a loser because this is beef fed with grain that will kill it in 6 months so you are eating sick cow essentially.

Organic Chicken: This is always the better choice. Hormones will throw your metabolism off.

Frozen non organic: This is injected with hormones and chemicals that will actually serve to sabotage your diet.

Wild Salmon: These are full of omegas you need to diet successfully with energy.

Farm raised salmon: this is a bad idea. The fish are more likely to be infected and are fed with cheap filler.

Tuna Fish: This is a winner.

Fish sticks and frozen shrimp: this is a bad choice. These are the worst parts of the fish which are processed. Popcorn shrimp are also the worst shrimp to partake in. But, if you choose un-breaded, plain shrimp, this is the exception.

Organic or European yogurt: This is the best form of yogurt. It is often called Greek Yogurt.

Regular grocery store yogurt: This is sugar filled and will harm your attempts to lose weight.

Tempeh: Much fresher and much healthier and packed with protein.

Tofu: This can be packed with starchy fillers and processed chemicals.

Quinoa: This is a favorite and much less contaminated.

Beans: Any starchy bean have very little protein to offer.

Almonds: These are better than any other nut for protein.

Peanuts and peanut butter: Peanuts are pretty contaminated with pesticides and offer less protein than people think.

Protein is needed whether you are dieting or not. Diets will deplete the body of energy and protein for dieting is needed to maintain muscle tone when losing weight. We can combat the flabbiness that will be associated with a loss of muscle. This is natural when we have a lot of weight to lose, but the right protein for dieting will eliminate this concern. It also helps in breaking down fat and turning energy from calories and turning it into muscle.

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