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A Grocery Shopping Weight Loss Trick That Really Works

shopping weight loss trick that works

Shopping the store perimeter practically guarantees you stay on a healthy diet.

For the dieter—a trip to the grocery store can be a torture and a temptation. However, there is a grocery shopping weight loss trick that really works. There are a few of them and can be a real saving grace for folks that are not only dieting but those that want a healthier way of living. So keeping to the good habits, here is the best practice.

Where you shop in the store counts:

There is more junk food in the middle isles as well as the canned and processed foods. So, in the first run with a grocery shopping weight loss trick like this—walk the perimeter of the store with a paper to make a list of what is there and then keep the sales slip. This will allow you to make an ongoing grocery list of the good stuff in the perimeter such as fruits, veggies and lean meats. The fresher stuff is always placed there and you can start getting more creative.

When you have to shop the middle:

Another excellent shopping weight loss trick is to keep an eye on the ingredient label. Again, make a preliminary run and save the sales slip for a grocery list. Look for short ingredient lists. This is not nutrition facts. This is the ingredient part. The healthier the food the shorter the ingredient will be—roughly two lines should be enough.

Cholesterol claims on processed food is bogus:

Cholesterol is something that only occurs in animal life so the low cholesterol claims are there to pull you into purchasing a product that is over-processed by fooling you into a “low fat, low cholesterol label.

When not to shop at all!

There is one time when you should not shop at all and that is when you are hungry. If you are a once or twice a week shopper—go with a buddy and make it an inexpensive lunch out or at the house before you go. If you normally go more often which is what singles tend to do—then shop with a limited amount of cash and a short list. This is a great grocery shopping weight loss trick that really works. This is a trick that stops you from eating the wrong things and will save you money.

Everything is a habit. These shopping weight loss tricks are meant to not only help you lose weight but to prevent excess in what we do that makes us unhealthy and broke as well.

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