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The Biggest Diet Scams of The Decade

biggest diet scams of the decade

Don’t ever fall for the biggest diet scams like the ones that tell you to only eat one thing.

Though we want to believe with all our hearts that they will work, the ugly truth is that these are the biggest diet scams out there. In an industry where cash is king and […]

Unhealthy Condiments to Eliminate from your Diet

unhealthy condiments that prevent weight loss

Unhealthy condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise and hot sauce can really sabotage your weight loss endeavors.

When we think of healthy eating we normally think of fats and meat and veggies and such. But do we ever think of the condiments we use? Most people won’t consider these a problem. In fact, when we […]

Dangerous Diet Pill Ingredients Exposed

dangerous diet pill ingredients exposed

Certain products are known to have dangerous diet pill ingredients. Knowing what to look for keeps you safe.

What you don’t know can hurt you and that’s why understanding the most dangerous diet pill ingredients is imperative. If you plan on taking diet pills at any point in time, even if you are […]

Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes for Weight Loss

delicious thanksgiving recipes for weight loss

Recipes that allow you to enjoy the flavor without sacrificing weight loss are the way to go.

The holidays don’t have to mean more calories or curbing so many calories you lose the entire flavor and the fun. The Turkey is not the culprit here though—that poor thing is the least of your […]