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Unhealthy Condiments to Eliminate from your Diet

unhealthy condiments that prevent weight loss

Unhealthy condiments like ketchup, mayonnaise and hot sauce can really sabotage your weight loss endeavors.

When we think of healthy eating we normally think of fats and meat and veggies and such. But do we ever think of the condiments we use? Most people won’t consider these a problem. In fact, when we are dieting and incorporating foods that may be more bland than we are used to, we figure a condiment that is no more than a tablespoon or two couldn’t hurt. But it can and we will tell you why and what you can use to substitute.

Unhealthy condiments and how to substitute them:

Ketchup: Ketchup is one of those seemingly innocent, yet very sugary condiments. Diabetics can’t eat it so that should tell you something. But because this is a favorite–you can do one of two things. You see, most people, will just smother everything from eggs to mac and cheese with it. So, you can either limit yourself to a tablespoon of it or you can do some homemade salsa instead.

Mayonnaise: This is one of those unhealthy condiments that is full of fat and not the healthy kind. It is also very high in cholesterol. Mayo can be substituted with a homemade guacamole for better fat with more nutrients packed in.

Hummus: Hummus wins the award for being a healthy condiment or snack. However it can be loaded with saturated fat and calories so first, go organic and second, go for low fat or make your own. This is the way to stay in control of what is in it.

BBQ Sauce: This can be a killer, it is a sugary train wreck as far as unhealthy condiments are concerned. It is also kind of a greasy calorie ridden mess but boy does it taste great! Face it, there is no real replacement for BBQ sauce. The only realistic and fair thing to tell you to do is to make your own.

Soy Sauce: This is the most common one that millions of people use knowing its a no-no. But the great thing about soy sauce is there are name brand low sodium soy sauces right in the grocery stores–they heard your cries and answered!

Hot Sauce: Again the sodium content and sugar in fact is the culprit. A dash of cayenne pepper tastes the same and is much healthier than the hot sauce.

So as you can see the unhealthy condiments are very easy to substitute and now you know their dirty little secrets!

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