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Should You Drink Coffee or Tea Before a Workout?

Drinking Coffee or Tea Before a Workout

Drinking coffee or tea before a workout may boost energy, but it is smart?

Many people consume pre-workout supplements before they hit the gym. The supplements give them the energy to remain active throughout the time they are exercising. Not only that but they also help in muscle recovery post-workout. But not everyone uses these supplements. Most people rely on, and regularly consume, coffee or tea before a workout. Coffee and tea contain caffeine, which gives people a pre-workout boost. However, you should not consume too much caffeine or rely on it as a method for boosting your workout in the long run.

How Does Caffeine Work?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant. Once you consume it, you will experience an increase in your heart rate. This gives you the feeling of being awake. When you are tired, your heart rate decreases and you do not feel as active. However, after caffeine consumption, you feel fresh and active because of the elevated heart rate.

Caffeine eliminates fatigue by sending extra glucose and oxygen to your muscles. You also get an adrenaline rush if you consume coffee or tea before a workout. All of this directly helps you when you exercise. There will be days when you do not feel like exercising or when you are not able to exercise with the same enthusiasm. This is where caffeine can help.

What Effect Does Caffeine Have on Muscles?

When you exercise, your muscles generate lactic acid. When lactic acid is produced, your muscles experience a burning sensation. The reason lactic acid generates in the muscles is because there is glycogen depletion. When you consume coffee or tea before a workout, the caffeine has an effect on the production of lactic acid. Caffeine is known to slow down the production of lactic acid in the muscles.

Of course, when the lactic acid production is reduced, you do not experience as much pain in your muscles as you normally would. Another reason why caffeine boosts your power is because it alters the ratio of potassium and calcium ions in your muscles. When this happens, your muscles are able to contract more, and this is why they can generate more power.

Disadvantages of Excess Caffeine Consumption

Most individuals rely on the consumption of coffee or tea before a workout. It may sound like a great way of boosting your workout. However, excessive caffeine consumption has adverse effects. In addition, when you continue consuming caffeine, there will come a time when it will cease to affect you. Due to this, you may continue increasing your caffeine intake without boosting results.

You can consume caffeine before a workout on days when you feel lethargic, but you should not make it a habit.

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