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Probiotic Microflora Assist Weight Loss

Probiotic Microflora for weight loss

Probiotic microflora live in your gut, helping your digestion and boosting weight loss.

Almost half the world is looking for new and unique ways to get their waistline in perfect shape. There are plenty of approaches and diet plans, exercises, supplements, diet pills and even surgery. On the same list, you would be surprised to see bacteria. Consuming bacteria can help you lose weight. It sounds unrealistic as our perception of bacteria signals something harmful and hazardous for our health.

But that’s just our limited view of the bacteria, because science states there are both good and bad bacteria. While the bad bacteria perfectly fit the frame of our perception, the good bacteria can help improve our health. This means good bacteria, such as probiotic microflora, are beneficial for your health and not just this but they can also help you with weight loss.

Recent research on the digestive tract shows that the presence of probiotic microflora can aid you in achieving your weight loss goals with minimal effort. You don’t have to exercise or eliminate anything from your diet when following this method. Just increase the intake of foods which support the growth and production of probiotic microflora and you will be able to shed those extra pounds in no time.

One of the many factors behind weight gain is an unhealthy digestive tract. Several studies show overweight and obese people have bad bacteria in their tract while the percentage of good bacteria was lower than 90%, which creates a condition that causes fat accumulation, particularly in the belly. Supporting the first study, obese people with bad bacteria were asked to drink 200g of fermented milk which contained probiotic microflora for 4 months. After 4 months, their stomachs were internally examined and the reports showed a 5% reduction in belly fat and 3% reduction in subcutaneous fat, i.e. the layer of fat beneath the skin.

The results prove the effectiveness of good bacteria in the gut tract. Foods such as flaxseeds and a variety of nuts are rich in fiber, which promotes the growth of good bacteria. In order to cut fat from your body, start eating these foods as they stimulate bowel movements and enhance the production of probiotics.

Besides these benefits, good bacteria are also essential for delaying the aging process and strengthening the immune system. For speeding up your weight loss process, the addition of fermented foods to your diet can be highly advantageous. Along with intake of good bacteria, you should also reduce the consumption of foods which support the growth of bad bacteria within your digestive tract.

The state of your digestive system has a huge impact on your overall health, so analyze closely what you eat and make amendments in your diet. A simple and hassle free lifestyle improvement can help you achieve weight loss without making any extra effort.

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