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Why the FTC Shut Down Sale Slash and Purists Choice Weight Loss Companies

Weight Loss Companies

Get all of the facts about these weight loss companies so you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

The Federal Trade Commission has had its hands full with complaints registered against weight loss companies that were making false claims about their products and the results they can deliver. The companies in question are the Sale Slash and Purists Choice. The practices used by these companies were fraudulent, conning people into buying their products. Among the methods used by them are exaggerated claims about the effects their diet supplements have on people who used them and also spam emails. In fact, the companies employed marketers who only sent spam emails.

An attorney appointed by the FTC, Matthew Wernz, outlined the details of the decision made by the organization. According to Wernz, the companies have been shut down for 10 months now, and they have to pay $10 million to the FTC. However, the actual punitive penalty is $43 million, but the FTC will suspend the remaining amount of the companies’ pay up $10 million and at the same time, follow the terms and conditions of the settlement. Non-compliance would result in them having to pay the entire amount to the FTC. The reason they have been liquidated is to recover the $10 million.

The interesting aspect of this is that the weight loss companies in question are not responding to or commenting on the matter. The companies have been liquidated, as far as the sources from the FTC have reported. There has been no confirmation from the companies themselves. While Purists Choice refuses to pick up the phone, Sale Slash is not even listed. This can be seen as an admission of guilt from the two companies, as they aren’t making a fist of the situation. Some effort on their part to clear their name would have earned them some sympathy, but in the current situation, their reputation is gone.

Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, given their wrong practices over the years. They aren’t the first weight loss companies to make fake claims about the effects of their products. In fact, there are doubts over a number of diet pills currently available on the market. However, the investigation conducted by the FTC into their practices has revealed that everything, from their products to their marketing tactics, is bogus. Their products don’t work, even though the ingredients are reportedly the same as other weight loss products. Moreover, the endorsements they have received from celebs, including Oprah Winfrey no less, are fake as well.

They may have gotten away with it for some time but now their time is up for good.

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