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Read This Before Using Even the Best Soup Diets for Weight Loss

Best Soup Diets for weight lossWith the start of every year comes a new wave of interest in the best soup diets. With fresh beginnings as a theme – regardless of whether it’s just because it’s the start of a year or because of a new year’s resolution – it’s easy to look at the size of a weight loss goal and wonder how we’ll ever actually reach it.

It is for that reason that we look for ways to jumpstart our efforts. We want to get off to a great start so we can keep things going and reach the end as soon as we can. With that comes a freshened interest in the best soup diets.

The truth of the matter is that even the best soup diets are controversial. They are typically extremely low in daily caloric intake and involve eating essentially the same ingredients over and over again for a span of time. They make various promises from cleansing to detoxing or even losing a massive amount of weight in a small period of time. It isn’t unheard of for a soup diet to promise that 10 pounds or even more will come off in only one week. That’s over one pound for each passing day.

Considering that for the average healthy adult, most doctors recommend a rate of weight loss of only 1 to 2 pounds per week, saying that 10 can be lost in that same span of time seems sketchy. Rapid weight loss is, after all, quite a deceptive thing. For one thing, there is a big difference between weight loss and fat loss. When following a soup diet, much of the weight that is lost isn’t actually body fat. It’s retained water.

The hydration from the soup helps to replace fluids. Once the body doesn’t sense that it’s dehydrated, it stops retaining water and you slim down a little, losing the weight from those fluids as well. However, you could achieve that same goal by simply staying hydrated. Drink a decent amount of water all day long for several days and reduce your sodium intake. The result will be a slimmer body within a surprisingly small amount of time without the extreme dieting.

If you are still convinced that a soup diet is for you, speak with your doctor. You’ll likely discover that this type of strategy could be hazardous to your health. Common side effects include anxiety, mood swings, weakness, dizziness, fainting and others.

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