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7 Astonishing Fitness World Records

Shocking Fitness World Records

Some fitness world records are incredible feats of human power.

Fitness world records aren’t necessarily the first things that pop into our heads when we think of the famous Guinness book that is published every year. We think of people who are exceptionally tall or short or who have unbelievably long fingernails.

However, fitness world records are just as fascinating as seeing someone with thousands of body piercings. There are some astounding feats of strength and endurance out there. Some may seem rather straightforward, but there are several that are downright astonishing.

Check out the following fitness world records and how they were achieved:

1. Biggest piggyback race

It may not be an Olympic sport, but the largest piggyback grace in the world occurred in Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Australia in November 2012. At that time, 1,274 people participated and 710 of them made it across the finish line. This left the previous record of 296 people in the dust.

2. Most 100 kg weight lifts done in a single minute using only teeth

In 2013, Steve Schmidt, already the holder of several other records, lifted 100 kg sixty times using only his teeth. He’d previously held that same record in 2010, when he did it 50 times, but lost it to someone else before he regained it once again.

3. Heaviest human-pulled airplane

In 2009, Kevin Fast (also known as the Powerlifting Pastor) already held the record for the heaviest vehicle pulled for more than 100 feet. That said, he added a new record to his list of accomplishments when he pulled a CC-17 cargo plane for almost 29 feet. The aircraft weighed 416,299 pounds.

4. Longest distance traveled on a treadmill

In 2008, Ireland’s Tony Mangan walked just under 252 miles in about 48 hours. He’d previously held that same record but had lost it to Suresh Joachim before he was able to regain it once more.

5. Longest time standing on a stability ball

Ashrita Furman was able to stay standing no top of a stability ball for a whopping 5 hours, 7 minutes and 6 seconds. Furman holds several other records as well. In fact, he currently holds the record for the most records held by one person.

6. Longest hula-hooping marathon

Most people can barely hula-hoop for a few seconds let alone several hours. That said, in 2009, Aaron Hibbs was able to keep hula-hooping for 74 hours and 54 minutes straight. He was permitted a break of 5 minutes each hour. That said, for the rest of the time, the hoop had to remain between the height of Hibbs’s shoulders and hips and he was not permitted to touch it with his hands.

7. Most push-ups in an hour from the back of the hands

Paddy Doyle, a professional athlete and multiple record holder competed 1,940 push-ups in a single hour using the backs of his hands in 2007.

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