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Is Chronic Stress Your Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge?

Weight Loss Challenge from StressWe all deal with stress every day, and whether it’s caused by your work or your relationships, it can take a major toll on your health. But, did you know that chronic stress could even be your biggest weight loss challenge?

How Stress Affects Your Body

How can stress, of all things, be your ultimate weight loss challenge? Well, to get to the answer, you need to understand what stress does to your body.

Chronic stress, in particular, doesn’t just happen once in a while. Instead, it is ongoing, so the adverse effects add up over time. Affecting each system throughout your body, chronic stress can lead to weight gain, as well as make it harder to shed those pounds when you want to slim down.

Stress affects your adrenal system, thyroid, liver, and gut, according to ProHealth. First off, when you are under stress, adrenaline and stress hormones are released, and those hormones, including cortisol, end up suppressing your thyroid, which plays a role in your metabolism and, therefore, your weight.

Beyond that, stress adversely impacts the liver’s ability to detoxify the body, thereby slowing your digestion and leading to weight gain. When your digestive system is affected, you might start feeling tired, and that can keep you from working out regularly enough to shed the excess pounds as well. Finally, the slowed digestion causes the body to release even more stress signals, which then affect the adrenal system again, resulting in a vicious cycle.

Stop This Weight Loss Challenge in Its Tracks

Stress being your greatest weight loss challenge is just another reason to try to get it under control. Taking steps to reduce stressors that are outside of you, as well as internal stressors like your internal thoughts, is beneficial. Whether you exercise regularly, see a therapist, practice meditation, or head off on a retreat is up to you, but the important thing is to find the methods that work when it comes to de-stressing and finding your center again.

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