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Need Another Reason to Avoid Extreme Dieting? It Leads to This Scary Disorder!

Avoid Extreme Dieting to Prevent This DIsorderSeverely restricting the number of calories that you eat, as well as totally avoiding certain foods or food groups, are some of the ways that people try to lose weight quickly. However, these attempts at weight loss can actually do more harm than good. In fact, one of the biggest reasons to avoid extreme dieting is because it can lead to a scary disorder known as binge-eating disorder. Keep reading to learn more about it, and to discover how you can avoid it while losing weight in a healthy way.

What You Should Know About Binge-Eating Disorder

When you repeatedly restrict your food intake, you basically increase the odds that you will end up with binge-eating disorder, and you also increase the odds of becoming obese, according to Times Now News.

Experts did some research into this area by surveying more than 1,200 adults in the U.S. The individuals included those who fell into the obesity category, the healthy weight category, or the binge-eating disorder category. Experts worked on assessing how these individuals ate over the course of a year, and what influence their finances had on their eating decisions.

Why You Should Avoid Extreme Dieting

After the study was conducted, it became clear that more of the people who fell into the obesity and binge eating groups stated that they would skip meals entirely or reduce the portion size of meals that they ate throughout the day. As a result, these people often consumed less food—and, therefore, fewer nutrients—than they should have, particularly when compared to those individuals who were in the healthy weight category.

Because of the adverse effects of severely restricting food intake, it is imperative that you avoid extreme dieting when you are trying to lose weight. Rather than limiting what your body needs to thrive, focus on eating nutritious, natural foods that are low in calories and high in fiber and vital nutrients. At the same time, set up a workout schedule that you can follow in order to burn even more calories and fat and slim down.

Remember, binge-eating disorder is serious, and you should discuss it with your doctor if you are exhibiting its symptoms. Binge eating can lead to physical and mental problems, and it can actually be worse than being obese or overeating, so it’s important to tackle this disorder before it does a lot of damage. One way to get started is by making it a point to avoid extreme dieting.

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