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How Diet Pills Help Weight Loss

How Diet Pills Help Weight LossMany times, I have read weight loss articles that state that diet pills don’t work. However, there are thousands, if not millions, of people who would tell you that they took diet pills and lost weight. So why is there such a strong difference of opinion when it comes to using diet pills for weight loss?

The Truth About How Diet Pills Help Weight Loss

To begin to answer this question, we need to examine how diet pills help weight loss. There are many different types of diet pills, but the majority of them work to either suppress appetite (appetite suppressants), increase metabolism (fat burners), block the absorption of fats (fat blockers), block the absorption of carbohydrates (carb blockers) or, they provide an important energy boost (stimulants) to ensure you can keep up with your diet and exercise improvements.

However, no matter how strong or good quality these diet pills are there is a limit to the amount of weight loss they can produce on their own. Despite what product advertising may tell you, diet pills help weight loss but only to a point.

The Truth About Where the Benefits Stop

Without a calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise, most people will not experience any notable weight loss with the use of diet pills. Diet pills that advertise that you will lose weight without dieting or exercising are not telling you the truth, and in most cases these pills will not help you to lose weight.

Some pills will appear to cause weight loss without dieting or exercise, but this is because it is a diuretic that forces your body to eliminate water. This water loss is why you will see a drop in body weight and is not related to fat loss at all. The weight from the water loss will return as soon as you are hydrated once again. Diuretic diet pills are not recommended and can harm your body with long term use.

There is no magic diet pill that will make you lose weight on its own without dieting and exercise. In fact, the US FTC directly recommends against believing any claims that would suggest there are.

What to Believe About How Diet Pills Help Weight Loss

If there was then there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic in North America and celebrities would stop being trolled for their sizes and weight shifts by the media and social media.

If you decide to take diet pills to help weight loss then also plan to eat a healthier, calorie-restricted diet and begin a regular exercise routine.  If you don’t know how to get started, your doctor or another healthcare provider is your best first step.  This will help you to know what your healthy calorie range is for a given day, what type of foods you should focus on consuming, and how you can shape up your fitness level.

Without these two essential steps – diet and exercise – you will continue to struggle to lose weight and will find that lost pounds will be regained.  The only way to achieve long-term weight control is through making the necessary lifestyle and behavior changes needed to achieve your weight loss goals and keep them there. Diet pills can support you along the way, but only when you keep up the healthy changes.

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