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Yes, You Can Follow a Vegan Diet and Still Build Muscle

Build Muscle on a Vegan DietMore and more people are turning to a vegan diet for their own health, as well as the health of the planet. The old misconception that you can’t build muscle while following a plant-based diet is finally going away, especially as more individuals, including bodybuilders and athletes, are proving that you can get amazing results on a vegan eating plan.

Getting the Right Amount of Protein

You really don’t need to worry about becoming protein deficient if you’re following a vegan diet. Also, according to Popular Science, people think they need more protein than their bodies actually require.

For example, the recommended dietary allowance in the U.S. is 0.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of your body weight. That is easy to get, whether you are vegan or not. But, if you want to build muscle, you can go higher with your protein intake, going up to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Focus on Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Getting enough of them in your diet can help your body build muscle, so rather than just focusing solely on protein, consider eating foods and taking supplements that are rich in amino acids like lysine and leucine. Food sources of leucine include nutritious options like spirulina, seaweed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, tofu, and soy isolates, so you don’t have to rely on supplements to get these amino acids either.

Also, you don’t need to worry about pairing amino acids in the same meal. Just eat healthy throughout the day. Your body will take care of the rest. That old belief that you need to get the right mix of amino acids in a single sitting has long been debunked.

Variety Is the Spice of Life, and of a Vegan Diet

The great thing about a vegan diet is that it is packed with variety, and you will likely be introduced to a host of delicious foods that you may never have considered before. If you want to build muscle, take advantage of this variety by eating meat substitutes like tempeh, jackfruit, and seitan, as well as classics like beans and whole grains.

You might consider getting roughly half of your protein from various beans and legumes, along with another 25% of it from seeds and nuts, and another 25% from myriad grains. Doing so will help ensure that you are giving your body all of the amino acids necessary to build muscle and stay strong.

Vegan protein shakes, burgers, sausages, cheeses, desserts, and much more are also now readily available, so you don’t have to feel deprived, but you don’t want your entire diet to consist of those processed foods, so be sure to establish a healthy balance, just as you would with any other diet.

Following a vegan diet can help you improve your overall health, as well as assist you when it comes to increasing muscle mass and boosting stamina. Give it a try, but don’t be a junk food vegan. Instead, focus on eating whole food ingredients in meals that are natural, filling, and energizing, while also sticking to an effective, consistent workout routine that includes a combination of cardio and strength training.

Should You Choose Phentermine or an Over the Counter Diet Pill to Help Manage Weight?

Phentermine or Over the Counter Diet Pill?With so many different prescription diet pills, as well as the large over the counter diet pill market, figuring out which product would be right for you can certainly be challenging. Should you choose, for example, a prescription weight loss pill like Phentermine, or should you go with an over the counter diet pill to help you manage your weight? Keep reading for some helpful information that can point you in the right direction.

Discuss Phentermine with Your Doctor First

Phentermine is only available with a prescription from your doctor, so you will need to make an appointment to speak with your physician about your weight problems and your weight loss goals. He or she will be able to evaluate your health and your weight and determine how much weight you need to lose in order to become healthier. Ultimately, though, your doctor will likely only prescribe Phentermine to you if you are obese. If you are classified as overweight, you might not be the right candidate for a product like Phentermine, so your doctor might recommend trying an over the counter diet pill instead.

How to Choose the Right Over the Counter Diet Pills

When shopping for a weight management supplement that will support your efforts to slim down, consider products like FENFAST 375, 3G BURN, TRIMTHIN X700, and APEX-TX5, all of which contain clinically researched ingredients. These diet pills are also manufactured in the United States, and they can be purchased over the counter. Their ingredients can help give you a boost of energy and focus, thereby making it easier to stick to your workout routine and your healthy eating plan, both of which are key components to a smart slim-down plan.

Bottom line: you have a lot of options when it comes to diet pills that can help you shed those excess pounds with greater ease. If you are obese, your doctor might recommend taking a prescription diet pill like Phentermine, but if you are overweight and need some extra support for your weight loss efforts, an over the counter product can help you get on the right track.

Need Another Reason to Avoid Extreme Dieting? It Leads to This Scary Disorder!

Avoid Extreme Dieting to Prevent This DIsorderSeverely restricting the number of calories that you eat, as well as totally avoiding certain foods or food groups, are some of the ways that people try to lose weight quickly. However, these attempts at weight loss can actually do more harm than good. In fact, one of the biggest reasons to avoid extreme dieting is because it can lead to a scary disorder known as binge-eating disorder. Keep reading to learn more about it, and to discover how you can avoid it while losing weight in a healthy way.

What You Should Know About Binge-Eating Disorder

When you repeatedly restrict your food intake, you basically increase the odds that you will end up with binge-eating disorder, and you also increase the odds of becoming obese, according to Times Now News.

Experts did some research into this area by surveying more than 1,200 adults in the U.S. The individuals included those who fell into the obesity category, the healthy weight category, or the binge-eating disorder category. Experts worked on assessing how these individuals ate over the course of a year, and what influence their finances had on their eating decisions.

Why You Should Avoid Extreme Dieting

After the study was conducted, it became clear that more of the people who fell into the obesity and binge eating groups stated that they would skip meals entirely or reduce the portion size of meals that they ate throughout the day. As a result, these people often consumed less food—and, therefore, fewer nutrients—than they should have, particularly when compared to those individuals who were in the healthy weight category.

Because of the adverse effects of severely restricting food intake, it is imperative that you avoid extreme dieting when you are trying to lose weight. Rather than limiting what your body needs to thrive, focus on eating nutritious, natural foods that are low in calories and high in fiber and vital nutrients. At the same time, set up a workout schedule that you can follow in order to burn even more calories and fat and slim down.

Remember, binge-eating disorder is serious, and you should discuss it with your doctor if you are exhibiting its symptoms. Binge eating can lead to physical and mental problems, and it can actually be worse than being obese or overeating, so it’s important to tackle this disorder before it does a lot of damage. One way to get started is by making it a point to avoid extreme dieting.

Top 3 Best Diet Pills to Keep Up Your Workout Energy During the Holidays

Best Diet Pills for Workout EnergyAh, the holidays are here again, which means it’s time to focus on food, gifts, and time with family. But, with all of the responsibilities that come with planning holiday get-togethers and attending events, you might find yourself feeling way too tired to stick to your exercise routine. And, that’s not good because a lack of exercise can take its toll on your overall health, as well as your weight.

Thankfully, there are many diet pills that are currently available to help you stick to your workout routine by giving you the energy that you need, whether you prefer exercising at the gym or at home. Three of the best diet pills for increased energy are listed below. These are all available over-the-counter, so you can consider taking them during the holidays to help you stay on track.

1. FENFAST 375

If you need extra support during the holidays, particularly when it comes to feeling energized enough to exercise, definitely consider taking FENFAST 375, which is one of the best diet pills for energy. This diet pill contains high-quality, clinically researched ingredients that can help provide you with more physical energy and mental focus. That combination can help you stick to your weight loss program, including your exercise routine and your healthy eating plan.


PHENBLUE is another one of the best diet pills that can also help you when it comes to giving you greater amounts of energy. With more physical energy, you can find it easier to exercise even on your busiest days, and with increased mental focus, you will also find it easier to choose healthy meals and snacks so that you don’t overdo it on your daily calorie intake. All of that adds up to you being able to maintain a healthy weight, even when you are surrounded by tasty holiday foods and drinks.

3. 3G BURN

Anyone who prefers taking supplements that contain ingredients that are natural and easy to recognize should consider trying 3G BURN. Like FENFAST 375 and PHENBLUE, this diet pill can help provide you with the energy and focus necessary to maintain a healthy exercise and eating routine during the holidays. Ingredients like garcinia, green coffee, forskohlii, and green tea can help you be ready to tackle even the toughest workout to build strength and stamina while burning calories.

Now that you know about a few of the best diet pills that can help you maintain greater amounts of energy during the hectic holiday season, you won’t have to sacrifice your exercise schedule because you feel too fatigued.

Diet Pill Scams are a Thriving Business, but Some Scammers Get Caught

Not all diet pill scams workAs a consumer, you have to shop smart in order to avoid a variety of scams that are designed to take your money and sell you inferior products. Diet pill scams, in particular, are surprisingly common, so if you are hoping to purchase a product that is meant to help you slim down, you need to be especially careful about what you are buying and putting into your body.

Although diet pill scams are a thriving business, some scammers do get caught, thankfully. Take, for example, two sisters who were caught selling ineffective diet products and cancer treatments to the public. Keep reading to access the story.

False Claims That Misled Consumers

According to Independent, Carol Wiseman and Helen Buchan were charged with making unsubstantiated and misleading claims about products that they were selling online to desperate consumers.

Their company, called Secret Diet Drops Ltd., sold apple cider vinegar, claiming that it would be capable of destroying cancer. They also sold diet tablets, which they claimed would help individuals who were struggling with their weight. Along the way, many complaints were received about the products that were being sold.

The sisters were charged with scamming the public, and were forced to pay up, so that gives consumers some extra assurance that, although diet pill scams are ubiquitous, there are cases in which the scammers are brought to justice.

Take Steps to Protect Yourself from Diet Pill Scams

Because not all scammers are caught in time, you need to be careful whenever you shop for weight management products, especially online. Do plenty of research into a diet pill before deciding whether or not you will purchase it.

Some of the signs that a diet pill is likely a scam include:

  • The manufacturer makes claims that seem too good to be true, such as claiming that the pills can help you lose a lot of weight in a very short amount of time
  • The marketing materials claim that the product is an alternative to an FDA-approved product
  • The manufacturer sends out mass emails to promote its products, or the materials are in a foreign language
  • Words like “extremely safe” or “scientific breakthrough” are used in the marketing materials

By knowing the warning signs of a diet pill scam, you can avoid it more effectively. When in doubt about what the right weight management product is for your particular needs, though, it is wise to consult with your physician for some valuable advice.

What is Winter Swimming and Can You Use it to Lose Weight?

winter swimming for weight lossEven if you really love swimming, you might not think of doing it in the winter when the water is frigid. That said, could winter swimming be good for you by helping you lose weight? Check out the information below to learn about some interesting new research.

What Happens to Your Body in Cold Conditions?

According to Futurity, experts wanted to discover if they could imitate, pharmacologically, the effects of smoking and winter swimming.

Being exposed to cold temperatures can use up more energy, and cold receptors in the body can even activate brown fat, which also burns more energy and can lead to weight loss.

Where does smoking come in? Well, when your body is exposed to nicotine, like when you smoke cigarettes, there is also a decrease in appetite, which can be helpful when you are trying to lose weight.

Getting Answers

The researchers focused on finding molecular mechanisms involved in cold exposure and its influence on energy consumption. They discovered TRPM8, which is a cold receptor, along with icilin, which is the substance that activates the receptor. This receptor, however, isn’t found on the body’s brown fat, so the experts figured out that this cold receptor, which is on the skin, can send a message to your brain to activate brown fat.

Changing the energy turnover of the body, however, is not going to do enough to achieve weight loss results. An individual also needs to consume less food to slim down. Therefore, researchers took a look at the nicotinic receptor. They found that DMPP can suppress appetite and positively impact glucose metabolism.

It’s the Combination That Works

In the end, the experts realized that each strategy alone doesn’t work as well as the combination—like winter swimming and smoking. Better weight loss results were achieved when tests were conducted on mice using a combination of DMPP and icilin. Basically, metabolism improves, while glucose intolerance goes away.

More studies need to be conducted to really figure out if the effects on the mice will also be seen in humans who give this weight loss combination a try. In the meantime, you might consider giving winter swimming a try, but we wouldn’t recommend taking up smoking.

Is Chronic Stress Your Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge?

Weight Loss Challenge from StressWe all deal with stress every day, and whether it’s caused by your work or your relationships, it can take a major toll on your health. But, did you know that chronic stress could even be your biggest weight loss challenge?

How Stress Affects Your Body

How can stress, of all things, be your ultimate weight loss challenge? Well, to get to the answer, you need to understand what stress does to your body.

Chronic stress, in particular, doesn’t just happen once in a while. Instead, it is ongoing, so the adverse effects add up over time. Affecting each system throughout your body, chronic stress can lead to weight gain, as well as make it harder to shed those pounds when you want to slim down.

Stress affects your adrenal system, thyroid, liver, and gut, according to ProHealth. First off, when you are under stress, adrenaline and stress hormones are released, and those hormones, including cortisol, end up suppressing your thyroid, which plays a role in your metabolism and, therefore, your weight.

Beyond that, stress adversely impacts the liver’s ability to detoxify the body, thereby slowing your digestion and leading to weight gain. When your digestive system is affected, you might start feeling tired, and that can keep you from working out regularly enough to shed the excess pounds as well. Finally, the slowed digestion causes the body to release even more stress signals, which then affect the adrenal system again, resulting in a vicious cycle.

Stop This Weight Loss Challenge in Its Tracks

Stress being your greatest weight loss challenge is just another reason to try to get it under control. Taking steps to reduce stressors that are outside of you, as well as internal stressors like your internal thoughts, is beneficial. Whether you exercise regularly, see a therapist, practice meditation, or head off on a retreat is up to you, but the important thing is to find the methods that work when it comes to de-stressing and finding your center again.

Why Buying Diet Pills Manufactured in the United States is Important to Your Health

Buying Diet Pills Manufactured in USAAre you thinking about buying diet pills that will help you lose more weight by supporting your efforts to eat right and get more active? Smart move! With the right diet pill—especially one that has been recommended by your doctor—you might find that your weight loss journey becomes easier and your goals can be met sooner.

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying diet pills online if you are going to take the over-the-counter route instead of the prescription diet pill route. But, there are some things to consider, especially if you want to stick with the safest products out there.

One way to ensure that you are purchasing safe, effective products when buying diet pills is by checking where they are manufactured. Buying only those that are made in the United States is important to your health, and we outline the main reasons why below.

The FDA Is Available for Oversight

In the United States, the FDA can provide some oversight even when it comes to over-the-counter dietary supplements. According to the American Cancer Society, even though manufacturers aren’t required to test out (through clinical trials) new supplements, or even the ingredients that they use in those supplements, the FDA does have the ability to tell a company that they need to stop making a dietary supplement, provided that there’s proof that the product poses a health risk to consumers.

The Quality of the Ingredients

Another reason why you should only consider buying diet pills that are manufactured in the United States is because the quality of the ingredients might be questionable if the pills are made in another country. Some manufacturers overseas will use inferior, or harmful, ingredients just to save money and boost their profit margins. They will put products up for sale online and lie about the ingredients, their quality, and their safety. Plus, they might even include hidden ingredients that aren’t disclosed on the label.

As you can see, there are a few good reasons why you should only buy diet pills that are manufactured in the U.S. Before purchasing a product, it’s smart to do plenty of research into the manufacturer to learn more about them. It’s also wise to research the ingredients to be certain that they are safe to take. And, when in doubt, you can always ask your doctor.

How to Recognize an Honest Diet Pill Label

recognize an honest diet pill labelWith so many different diet pills out there, it can be confusing and difficult to find the one that is right for you. You want a product that will be effective and safe to take, but manufacturers can make whatever claims they want to make about their products, even if they aren’t entirely true. So, how can you tell if a diet pill label is truthful? Keep reading to access a few tips that can help you navigate the diet pill market with greater confidence.

Look at the Ingredients List

An honest diet pill label will list all of the ingredients (that includes the active and inactive ingredients) that are in the product so that you know exactly what you are taking. Moreover, the label should include the amount of every active ingredient that is in every serving as well.

Be sure to read through the ingredients carefully, and feel free to perform a simple internet search in order to learn about the ingredients and how they can help you meet your weight loss goals. If any ingredients seem like they are nothing more than filler, or if any ingredients are associated with side effects, you will know that you should avoid that product and keep searching.

Check Where the Product Is Manufactured

Another way to tell if a diet pill label is being honest is by checking it for information regarding where the product is manufactured, and if the pills are manufactured in a certified facility. This can give you greater peace of mind because you will know that the pills are made in a controlled environment in a country you trust.

Check the Label for Warnings

Finally, you should also check a diet pill label for any information on whether or not you are the right candidate for that particular product. For example, there might be a warning against taking the product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under 18 years of age. There might even be information on when you should stop taking the product if you start experiencing any side effects. This provides an extra element of proof to show that the manufacturer cares about your well-being.

Once you know how to read a diet pill label, you will know what to look for when determining if a weight loss product will be safe, effective, and right for your needs. Keep the information above in mind as you shop, and always know that you can consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding which diet pill is best for you.

What You’ll Find in the Best Diet Pills Today

ingredients in the best diet pills todayThere are a lot of diet pills on the market today for those who want to shed a few pounds or who need to lose a lot of weight. But not all diet pills are created equal, so doing your research before deciding upon which one to take will be wise.

During your research into the various products available, you should take the time to look at the ingredients in diet pills. If you see the following ingredients listed on a product’s label, you can rest assured that the product will likely be effective and safe.

Beta Phenylethylamine HCl

Found in best diet pills like FenFast 375, Beta Phenylethylamine HCl can affect dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine in a positive way. As a result, it could help boost your energy and increase your body’s fat burning ability. So if you have been struggling to weight, this ingredient could be just what you have been searching for.

Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine)

Another effective ingredient in weight loss products is Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine), which you can find in diet pills like PHENBLUE. This ingredient has been studied for its fat burning abilities, and it could also work effectively to suppress your appetite while boosting your energy. Plus, it is safe to take daily, and when it is combined with a consistent workout routine and healthy diet, it could help you achieve your weight loss goals more quickly.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl (ALCAR)

Found in top diet pills like Apex-TX5, Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl, or ALCAR for short, will help to increase your metabolism and fat burning ability. However, this ingredient could even combat depression, act as an antioxidants in the body to promote overall health and wellness, and improve your brain’s function. In other words, Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl goes beyond merely helping you lose weight to also help you maintain a healthy body overall.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Found in many of the natural diet pills out there, such as 3G Burn, Green Coffee Bean Extract is another high quality ingredient that could help support your weight loss efforts. A study found that this ingredient might help protect you against weight gain and fat accumulation because it will work with your body’s natural function in order to block the absorption of fat from the foods that you eat.

Looking for the ingredients above will help you narrow down your many diet pill choices to those that are the safest and most effective. And if you have nay questions, you could always talk to your doctor about which product is really best for you.