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by Diet Pill Center on December 31, 2014

Diet Pro Meal review
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Diet Pro Meal is a nonprescription supplement that is manufactured by Sci-MX Nutrition. This product is meant to be used as a part of an overall diet in which this will replace meals. The official manufacturer’s website says that this powder becomes a “high protein meal shake with diet-support nutrients.”

The page on the site that is dedicated to this product also says that it helps with body fat oxidation, provides metabolic support, has been “scientifically balanced”, provides energy and vitality, and supports the health of the thyroid. This product is available in three separate flavors, which are: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

The weight loss program that is recommended by the manufacturer while using Diet Pro Meal is to eat five to six calorie reduced, balanced meals. They call it a “sure-fire way to boost metabolism and burn fat”. They also recommend replacing two to three of those meals with this product. That would mean that a third to half of all of the meals consumed every day would be comprised of these shakes. The site said that it contains research proven, targeted fat loss ingredients and that it doubles as both a meal and a treat because of the “absolutely delicious” taste.

The instructions for this product recommend that one serving be taken between meals up to three times per day. This is an odd statement as it suggests earlier on in the site that the servings should behave as a meal replacement for up to three of six small meals throughout the day.

The ingredients that actually make up the Diet Pro Meal formula include the following: Diet-Pro™ Protein, Actilight® fiber, CLA, green tea extract, and Vit-MX-Trim™ (which is made up of niacin, folic acid, biotin, and iodine). The product also continues a range of different non-active ingredients that make up the powder itself and the various flavor components, which differ from one of the product’s flavors to the next.

It is very important to speak with a doctor before using this type of product. Meal replacement diets for weight loss are not typically recommended by doctors because they work only for a very short time, don’t allow the majority of dieters to reach their goals, and don’t create the right lifestyle habits to make sure that the weight doesn’t come right back on again once the product is no longer being used.

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