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by Diet Pill Center on February 1, 2018

EvoMuse Defuse review
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EvoMuse Defuse is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that markets itself as a product that combines thermonynamics with biochemistry. As complex and scientific as that may sound, it is merely implying that it is a thermogenic diet pill. This is a huge category of products that are essentially fat burners. There are thousands of pills that make this same claim. Therefore, it’s important to dive more deeply into the fact about this particular diet pill before deciding to pay for it and try using it for your own weight loss needs.

The EvoMuse website has a webpage dedicated to its Defuse product which seems to go out of its way to try to sound as technical as possible. It is clearly not designed to offer the average consumer usable information as it is created to look as though it is impressive and science based. What is interesting is that despite all its glossaries (yes, glossaries), chemical terms, and complex descriptions of medical processes within the human body, there isn’t a single medical journal cited on the entire page.

It may make longwinded, convoluted claims about each ingredient but at no point does it back any of them up with actual scientific or medical studies or clinical trials. Moreover, none of the ingredients within the formula are unique to this product. In fact, they are all quite commonplace within the nonprescription weight loss industry.

Although this doesn’t mean that the ingredients or formula wouldn’t work, it would have been far more respectful if the information about the product was provided in laymen’s terms and in a way that is accessible to the average dieter. In this way, a consumer would be far more capable of making an informed decision.

At the time this review was written, the EvoMuse Defuse ingredients were: Acacia Catechu Catechins 200 mg, Platycodon Grandiflorum Saponins 250 mg, Baicalin 75 mg, Rose Ellagitannins 150 mg, 18b-Glycyrrhetinic Acid 50 mg, Cinchinone Bark Alchohol extract 20:1 75 mg, (-)hydroxyCitric Acid 125 mg, Dragon Fruit Extract 100 mg, Taxilus Tieghiem 20:1 100 mg, Citrus Aurantium 100 mg, Lotus Leaf 20:1 150 mg, Phospholipid Blend 250 mg, Olive Leaf 20:1 200 mg, Galega Officionalis 20:1 250 mg, Fermented Panax Ginseng Berry 20:1 175 mg, Forskolin 60% 20 mg, Methyl Cinnamate 75 mg and Raspberry Ketones 250 mg.

There are a few things that stand out from this list. The first is that many of these ingredients have more hype than scientific evidence to support their use, such as is the case with raspberry ketones. The next issue is that there are ingredients in this formula that are associated with unwanted side effects, such as citrus aurantium. That substance is used because it contains synephrine, a stimulant. That stimulant is powerful enough that the FDA has cautioned consumers against its use within diet pills, along with urging dieters not to buy amphetamine pills. While it is legal, it conflicts with many common ingredients in supplements and common foods such as coffee or even chocolate.

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