FucoXanthin Patch-CR Diet Patch

by Diet Pill Center on July 16, 2017

FucoXanthin Patch-CR Review

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The FucoXanthin Patch-CR is one of many products in the diet patch category. This is a part of the market that has quite a low reputation in terms of both quality and effectiveness. That said, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the product doesn’t work. It just means that it happens to find itself surrounded by a spectrum of dubious products. That said, many in the weight loss industry have suggested that despite the fact that these types of products should have faded out with other fads by now, the success of nicotine patches have carried the concept over the years. The idea behind FucoXanthin Patch-CR is that the same type of ingredients that could be taken in capsules and tablets could alternately be absorbed through the skin by way of a convenient patch that can be discretely worn. The main concern is that the wrong ingredients would be used or that the ingredients selected would be effective if taken another way but would be inadequately absorbed through the skin. The advertising for this particular product claims that it helps with weight loss by reducing hunger pangs, increasing the metabolic rate and boosting the user’s energy levels. The FucoXanthin Patch-CR is made by an American company called Smith Sorensen Nutraceuticals. That company has a very limited and apparently unfinished website on which it sells a handful of its products though it has not reserved enough space for all the products it has created. This patch is not among the products the company decided to describe or sell on its official website. This makes it very challenging for dieters to be able to inform themselves about the product. After all, it’s impossible for them to seek out information through official sources. It forces them to have to look into third party reviews or sellers. That was also the case when researching for this review. The information used to better understand this product was gleaned from third party retailers. They, unlike the official website, revealed that there are a number of ingredients within this formula, including fucoxanthin and hoodia. This is unfortunate as these ingredients are associated with several unwanted side effects. This is particularly true of hoodia, which is lined with stomachache, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, skin tingling, increased heart rate, raised blood pressure and even liver damage. That said, there is little to no evidence to suggest that this ingredient will be absorbed by the skin to any degree that would provide positive benefits let alone negative side effects.

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