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by Diet Pill Center on May 7, 2012

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Ionamin is a prescription drug also known as Phentermine in its generic form. This is a stimulant medication is based on a chemical that is similar to an amphetamine and is sold in two dosages: Ionamin 15 (15mg Phentermine) and Ionamin 30 (30mg Phentermine). It functions by affecting the central nervous system in order to create an appetite suppressing effect that can be helpful when trying to diet more effectively.

How is Ionamin Different from Other Phentermine Diet Pills?

Ionamin is slightly different from other phentermine diet pills even though it contains the same ingredients. The difference is that Ionamin diet pills are made with Phentermine resin, which results in a slow-release formula.

How To Take Ionamin

To properly use Ionamin diet pills, they should not be taken by alone as the single effort being made in order to lose weight. Instead, they are designed to be combined with exercise and a healthy, lower calorie diet so that individuals with obesity will be better capable of lowering their blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk of diabetes.

Ionamin will not be prescribed to anyone who is not obese and in need of assistance to reduce their weight in order to improve their health and lower their risk of this type of medical condition. This is because anyone whose body fat level is not high enough could experience very strong side effects from the use of this drug and they may even put their health at risk.

Common Ionamin Side Effects

Even individuals who are well suited to Ionamin could find that they experience side effects. Though the most common side effects are quite mild and will go away after the drug has been used for a few days and the body has become accustomed to it, in rare circumstances, these effects can be more severe. It is important to discuss the possibility of side effects with your doctor or pharmacist so that you will know what to expect and how you should react should they occur.

It is also important for you to know that the use of Ionamin diet pills can be habit forming. This means that if you suddenly stop the use of the drug, the result could be withdrawal symptoms. For this reason, you should never stop taking these pills without the recommendation and instructions of your doctor. He or she will likely tell you to decrease the use of the pill gradually over time if you have been taking it for several weeks.

To ensure that you obtain the best results and that you keep your risk of side effects to a minimum (and that any you do experience are as mild as possible), make sure that you carefully follow your doctor’s instructions for using this medication. Never change the dosage or the frequency with which you are taking the pills without his or her advice.

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