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by Diet Pill Center on August 5, 2014

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The over the counter OxySelect Pink weight loss pills are a product that is targeted toward women who are looking to be able to improve their progress and success as they diet. The manufacturer describes this product as one that has been formulated to meet the needs that are specific to a woman as she works to burn off excess fat, going to the extent of saying that it is “everything you ever wanted in a diet pill.”

This type of comment is quite bold but it is hardly unique to this product, as many dieting supplements make similar statements about their effectiveness and the amount that they can accomplish. While some may be great, others may have no effect or could even produce some rather unpleasant side effects. This makes it important to look beyond the marketing claims and examine other more reliable evidence before trusting that any given product is the right one for you.

Should OxySelect Pink be able to actually live up to its promise, it could prove to be exceptionally helpful to women who are trying to diet. Therefore, after having spoken to a doctor to make sure that diet pills are the right path to helping with weight loss, the next step that should be taken is to examine the ingredients that make up the formula to ensure that they have been studied, proven safe and effective, that there are no known allergies for the individual, and that they will not lead to a conflict with other supplements being taken, medications being used, or medical conditions that are present.

At the time this article was written, the official website stated that the ingredients that make up these diet pills are: Chromax, Razberi-K, Irvingia Gabonensis, CoQ10, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Vitamin D.

At first glance, this is a rather disappointing list, to anyone who is experienced in examining ingredients lists in the nonprescription diet pill industry. The reason is that it is made up nearly entirely of unproven substances. In fact, half of the ingredients on this list are more about hype than actual effectiveness, and three of them were included in a considerable debate from a Senate Committee in the United States during the summer of 2014 regarding the case of a well known doctor pushing these substances as being effective, regardless of the fact that there was no conclusive evidence to suggest as much.

At the same time, the Mayo Clinic has released a report that says that chromium (the primary substance making up Chromax) is likely safe to use but requires a great deal more study before any weight loss promises can be made about its effects, a U.S. federal Senate Committee has placed raspberry ketones (the primary substance making up Razberi-K), irvingia gabonensis, and green coffee bean extract in the spotlight for unproven claims that are being made about them. CoQ10 is believed to have a number of health benefits, none of which have been directly connected with weight loss, and the same can be said for vitamin D.

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