Prescopodene Diet Pills

by Diet Pill Center on February 18, 2015

Prescopodene diet pills
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Prescopodene is an over the counter weight loss pill that has been designed to assist dieters in being able to reduce their excess weight faster and more easily than would be possible with diet and exercise alone. The product has an official website through its manufacturer. The problem is that it’s unclear what company is actually behind the product, as there are three different names identified by the site: Fittiny Health Ltd., JC Arnica Corp, and Drop Down Ltd.

Regardless of the company behind Prescopodene, the website has one primary focus and that is quite obviously the sale of these pills far more than it is to educate the customer on what he or she can expect from the use of the product. It is very evident that ensuring that a dieter is able to obtain all of the information needed in order to make a proper decision for his or her health, weight loss, and expectations is not at the top of the list of priorities for this site. It uses a relatively standard selling format that is used quite extensively in the weight loss supplement industry.

The website suggests that these diet pills are manufactured in the United Kingdom, as the address at the foot of the page is located in that country. However, it also appears that the company will ship the product to Australia. That is interesting to note, as it appears as though the options for shipping this product have decreased over the years. About a year before this review was written, the website was consulted, and there was a notably larger number of countries from which the customer could select. Now, it looks as though the only two delivery options are Australia and the United Kingdom. It doesn’t appear that these pills ship to the United States anymore, though that had previously been the case.

Another change that is notable between what had previously been advertised for Prescopodene is that it had once talked about having undergone a “clinical trial” on the UK version of its website (though not in the no-longer existent American website), but mention of that research and any other type of study. Now, it appears to be more focused on listing the benefits that it claims to provide, which include appetite suppression, increased energy, and faster weight loss.

It does provide a list of its ingredients. At the time that this review was written, they were identified as: green tea, grape seed extract, vitamin C, quercetin, magnesium, L-tyrosine, hordenine, vitamin B6, octopamine, tyramine, ginger root, and pantothenic acid. A couple of those ingredients – L-tyrosine and hordenine – do have some clinical evidence to support their use for boosting energy levels and for enhancing the outcome of certain weight loss efforts, but it is unclear whether the amounts used in these pills matches the amounts that were successfully used in the research studies.

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