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by Diet Pill Center on September 18, 2018

Daily Fit Review
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Daily Fit is a non-prescription diet pill that claims to work as a fat burner without having any stimulant ingredients. The idea behind this pill is that its ingredients promote thermogenesis that will boost a dieter’s body’s ability to burn through fat.

The marketing for Daily fit recommends its use alongside an active lifestyle in order to promote a leaner and fitter body. The manufacturer behind these diet pills is Optimum Nutrition. This company manufactures a number of different wellness supplements in the non-prescription marketplace.

Though Daily Fit contains several ingredients in its complete formula, the two it underscores the most in its descriptions and marketing are L-carnitine and green tea. These are both highly common ingredients within this industry. They each have research to support their use because they are believed to play a role in increasing the metabolic rate. This, when combined with exercise – especially cardio workouts – may be helpful in speeding up the rate of fat burning.

At the time this review was written, the Daily Fit formula contained the following ingredients within each full serving. Each dose consists of two capsules. The ingredients are: Thiamin (3 mg), Riboflavin (3.4 mg), Niacin (12 mg), Vitamin B6 (4 mg), Folic Acid (200 mcg), Vitamin B12 (12 mcg), Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl (500 mg), Green Tea Extract (200 mg), Red Pepper Extract (65 mg), Black Pepper Extract (10 mg).

The package directions state that a serving of Daily Fit capsules should be taken every morning following breakfast. This is the full extent of the directions provided on the manufacturer’s label and webpage for this product.

It’s important to point out that while this product does call itself stimulant-free, there are ingredients in this formula that naturally contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. To be fair, the stimulant dose from the green tea extract may be low enough that it would be highly unlikely that anyone would have a reaction to it unless they were exceptionally sensitive to stimulants.

That said, the product also contains black pepper extract, which is meant to increase the bioavailability of the ingredients. In theory, this would mean that the body would absorb that green tea extract even better than it usually would, including the caffeine that it contains. This may be subtle, but it does call the “stimulant-free” claim into question. It also makes one wonder where there might also be discrepancies in the facts.

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