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Buying Phentermine Online

Many people are still wanting to buy Phentermine online, but new regulations regarding the sale of prescription medications online have almost completely stopped the sale of Phentermine diet pills. Phentermine fans will fondly remember a time, in the years before 2008, when Phentermine could be purchased online by simply filling out an online questionnaire. At this time, a doctor’s prescription was not required and Phentermine was by far the most popular diet pill sold online.

All this changed in late 2007 when new regulations regarding the sale of prescription medications online were imposed upon online pharmacies. Authorities became increasingly aware of how a system that only requires a questionnaire be filled out for a prescription drug could be abused, and was being abused. Although most online pharmacies did their best to screen the people ordering these medications, it was nearly impossible to regulate who was actually receiving the Phentermine, and if it was safe for them to be taking it. So it came to be that online pharmacies became required to contact the doctor of every person who was buying Phentermine online so that a legitimate prescription could be written. When this new regulation came into effect, buying Phentermine online for most people became impossible.

Buying phentermine online has always been a little hit or miss, but now is almost impossible. Die hard Phentermine fans are still placing orders with rogue online pharmacy sites that claim to sell it, but 99.9% of the time their order won’t be filled or their order will be substituted with a non-prescription alternative, such as Hoodia. If you really want to buy Phentermine your best option is to go to your doctor and have them prescribe it to you. Then you can buy it from a walk-in pharmacy and know that you are getting real Phentermine instead of a substitution.

In the advent of new technologies that improve face-to-face communications online, it is possible that at some point you will once again be able to buy Phentermine online. Until then, there are many Phentermine alternatives, such as Phentramin-D that work just as well, but don’t require a prescription, have less side-effects and are much cheaper.

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