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Phentermine Scams

With the ban of the sale of Phentermine online, many former users are scrambling to find good Phentermine alternatives. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies are trying just as hard to market their sub-quality “phentermine-like” products to you.

There is only one diet pill that I feel is worthy to be labelled as a “Phentermine Alternative” called Phentramin-D. The rest of these diet pills leave a lot to be desired and are a far cry from being anything like Phentermine.

There are a number of over-the-counter diet pills that are advertised as Phentermine alternatives. Here is a brief synopsis of their ingredients and potential effectiveness as diet pills:

  • Phentramin-D – This is the best Phentermine alternative currently available. Phentramin-D, manufactured by Lazarus Labs, is a chemical formulation of Geranamine and Caffeine. Geranamine is a natural mood enhancer that increases metabolism and curbs appetite. The combination of Geranamine and Caffeine together provides increased metabolism, appetite suppression and an energy boost similar to Phentermine.
  • Phentarmine – Phentarmine is similar only in name to Phentermine. Phentarmine contains 800mg of Hoodia combined with some common vitamins and a proprietary blend of other herbal ingredients. Hoodia has yet to prove itself as an effective appetite suppressant, despite all the press it has received. Another disconcerting this about this diet pill is the fact that I could not locate an official website for its manufacturer, GS Labs Inc., supposedly based in Utah. All this and a ridiculous price at almost $90 for a 30-day supply makes Phentarmine one of the worst Phentermine scams out there.
  • Phentermine-H – I’m starting to sound like a broken record here… Hoodia, Hoodia, Hoodia. Phentermine-H is a really sketchy herbal diet pill that claims to contain 2500mg of Hoodia. I’ll tell you right now that this is probably some of the lowest quality Hoodia money can buy. Stay away from this Phentermine scam.
  • Phentremine-X – I thought that the alternatives to Phentermine out there couldn’t get any worse until I looked into Phentremine-X. This diet pill, manufactured by Liposomex Labs, is nothing more than a combination of Hoodia with some caffeine. I can’t even tell you the exact amounts of these ingredients because that information isn’t provided. It is one of the cheaper phentermine alternatives out there, but don’t be fooled by this phentermine scam – it will do very little to help you lose weight.
  • Phentremine Civ-xR – Hey, you know how I just told you the Phentremine-X is a phentermine scam that should be avoided, well here is the exact same diet pill, but it’s just sold under a different brand name and at a higher price.
  • Phenterpril – Phenterpril may be the light in the storm when compared to the last few phentermine scams listed above, but it is still lacking. Phenterpril contains caffeine and other stimulants that will increase your metabolism, decrease appetite and boost your energy. It does contain some ingredients, such as Raspberry ketones, that are really ineffective for weight loss, but Phenterpril is the lesser of many evils as far as phentermine scams go.

The other type of phentermine scam that is still out there are websites that actually claim to sell the prescription drug. Phentermine cannot be purchased online legally, there is no exception. If you come across a website that is selling phentermine or any other prescription medication then know that you will not receive what you order. These websites will gladly take your money, but will not send you a product. Consider yourself warned.

38 comments to Phentermine Scams

  • Tasha

    Thank you for this website. I do hope you’re just not another blogger trying to sell a product(phentramin-d) so you can get paid for advertising it. =) I did enjoy reading this though. It’s hard to tell what works these days.

  • admin

    Tasha, no I do not receive compensation for my blog writing here. I write diet pill reviews for a number of websites and the folks who run this website are friends of mine and I am happy to write for them for free. I have tried Phentramin-d that they sell here and I thought it was great, which is why I have so many positive things to say about it. But as I say about any diet pill, just because it works well for me doesn’t mean it will work well for you. My writing on this website discusses many types of weight loss supplements and pills.

    • Ava

      Hi,I was reading your post about what you wrote. im scared to take these i ordered online from this site only 1 time only. Can you please tell me any information,I saw what you wrote about them here is the 1 site consumerdietreview.com and its called on the bottle phentirmin.Also the color of the pill is like a lite sand color and it solid its not a capsule it looks like a big vitaimin.ON the back label it says hoodia gordonii 750mg. Thank you for your help.

      • admin

        Ava – Phentirmin is hoodia. If you are looking to buy Phentermine, which is a prescription diet pill, then do not try to order it online. Go to your doctor, get a prescription and go to a walk-in pharmacy. Due to strict regulations for the sale of prescription medications online (and rightly so), this is the only way to know you are getting the real thing because there are so many phentermine scams out there.

        I just now re-visited consumerdietreview.com and see that they are pushing yet another phentermine scam diet pill called Phenternin. Again, like Phentirmin, this is only hoodia and you will grossly overpay to realize this. If you want to try hoodia go to a legitimate health foods store or herbal supplements store, either walk in or online, and order some.

        I hope this answers your question. I can’t say what quality of hoodia you have or whether those sandy-brown pills are even safe to take. If you thought you were ordering something else other than hoodia, then you should try to get your money back.

  • hello, your bio is very informative. However, I have had the actual phentremin from a doctor and from an online order from liposomexlabs.com. The product like you said does contains l-phenylanine, synephrine, theobromine, caffeine and sulfate. Over all a good product but you have to remenber to use it as if it was perscribed by a doctor. Do not excide usage for more than 3 months and only once a day with a meal and than increase to one in the morning and one at night until you are familiar with its reactions to your bodies reactions. I did excatly that my first time and lost 28lbs in the first 2 months. I tried to continue using it a second time after a 3 month break and my hair began to thin out engough to scare me and or others to notice. So I highly recommend reading as much as you can about anything you take and to listen to your body, it knows best.

    • Arteja

      I thought Phentramin-D came from Lazarus Labs or are you talking about a different pill… I am sorry I get so confused when it comes to Phentermine.

  • Veronica

    I ordered phentremine from liposomexlabs.com and have been taking it for two weeks. First of all I only experience enough energy to exercise after 12midnight. Secondly, I can barely stand without my head spinning wildly out of control. Thirdly, I have not lost a lb since taking these pills.I wished I had seen this site before throwing my money away. Thanks for your comments on these scams.

  • Michelle

    Can you get the Phentramin-D from a walk-in pharmacy without a perscription? Can you find it at CVS or Rite Aid or another type of pharmacy where there are some medications that don’t need perscriptions? Thanks for your help with the scammers on here.

  • lil

    I ordered this from the liposomexlab and they are for sure scammers. Please do not order their products. It makes people sick n throw up. They send bottles with broken seals and if you try to tell them the seal was broken they only want you to prove it and they will charge you 12 for shipping and 26 for disposel of pills. They are very dishonest and the pills are sickening.

  • Arteja

    I am just so confused I have been doing so much research and have come right back to the same conclusion. The conclusion is I am not sure what works. I have bought so many different kinds of Phentramine that I am not sure of the Phentramine name any more. I guess its just that I everyone is using the phrase ” we are compared to Adipex.” Has anyone taken this drug and does it really work?

    • Donna

      I have been using Phentramin-d and think its a great product. Then I read your comments and got concerned if I was actually taking Phentramin-d or a knock off. I checked the bottle and it definitely says Phentramin-d by Lazarus Labs. I ordered it from this website so it looks like its the real thing.

      • Arteja

        Donna, I am so glad you replied back…. yes I bought so many knock-offs and they were all spelled different. you bought yours from this site? How much weight have you lost? I am getting ready to order some and I am just trying to understand what the outcome could be… Please do share any experiences you have had…. i plan to walk everyday will taking the pill.

        • Donna

          I started taking Phentramin-D (the tablets) just over three weeks ago now. I have lost 9 pounds with using the pills and going for a walk every evening after dinner. I have been eating a healthier diet too and watching my calories. I have about 60 pounds to lose overall.

          I take Phentramin-D in the morning, just after I eat a small breakfast (I eat before otherwise I won’t be hungry). Right away I feel energized and I have no interest in eating food until the afternoon. I bring a couple of small, healthy snacks with me to work and I make sure to eat them so my blood sugar doesn’t get too low. I also drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Some days I may take another pill in the afternoon depending on whether or not I need the extra help, but most days one pill in the morning is enough. I hope this helps. Good luck to you.

  • arteja

    That was perfect! One more question…..what site did you order yours from?

  • Melissa K

    Well everyone, I did some research too on this stuff. My primary doctor would not renew my prescription for phentermine so I had to go elsewhere. I broke down and bought a bottle from Lazarus labs. I will check back with you all in a few weeks and let you know how its going. I am excited and hopeful to get back to that size 6 I was a year or so ago. Wish me luck ladies.

  • ck

    Melissa, how is everything going? I’m just curious. So confused, there are so many reviews to read about these I’m just scared to try them!

  • starlet

    I did quite a bit of research in regards to the high-end pills that are currently at our disposal. Obviously, if you don’t want a prescription for Phentermine, Phentramin-d is the most highly acclaimed substitute.

    I was nervous about scams (as obviously we all are) so I went to Lazaruslabs.com and ordered through their secure site. When the order was complete, I received an e-mail stating that there was a typical 24-hour waiting period while the order was approved and ready for shipment. The e-mail explained it would also take two days to reach me.

    Directly underneath that information it read: *****WINTER WEATHER ALERT***** Please be advised that due to the severe winter weather in the US, shipments could be delayed.

    It is April. And it is hot. Sheesh, I hope I didn’t just lose $157.

    Good luck all!

  • afrodiva

    Starlet did you receive your pills and Melissa how is it going?

  • Samantha

    I have used Phentramin-D for 1 and a half months. Lost 15lbs. My only concern was it messed up my period. I am regular as the bills. But I really need the weight gone, so this isn’t much of a concern to me. Could have been due to diet change also. I bought my product from Lazarus Labs. It works great, I was not hungry at all. I eat a small breakfast and small supper. And those I have to pretty much force upon myself. Drink plenty of fluids. Hope this review will help somebody.

  • Amy

    I have used Phentermine for the last 2 months and have lost 26lbs! My doctor states they are putting a hold on prescribing additional at this time.
    Is there somewhere I can purchase online that is legit? everywhere I have read are scams.
    Please help.

  • Amy

    Anyone out here responding ??? Is Lazaruslabs.com a scam or legit? HELP!

    • Kate

      lazaruslabs.com are legit. i ordered phentramin-d from this website and my order was shipped to me within 3 days (i live in new hampshire). i couldn’t remember the website where i bought and a search brought me back here. i’m off to order more. good luck and don’t worry, this company is not a scammer.

  • Nikki

    Ok…its official… U guys have me soo nervous. I just ordered online from Lazarus labs earlier 2day and decided 2 research it way after the fact
    I font no what 2 think. Hope I didn’t just waste my money on a scam. Will I even use weight? Soo nervous now.

    • admin

      Nikki – Lazarus Labs and the products they sell are not a scam. They are a legitimate company that sells high quality weight loss and health products. I encourage you, or anyone else who is questioning whether to order from them, to contact their customer service directly using our toll-free (US & CAN) telephone number at 1-855-955-5535. You can speak to a customer service representative at any time and discuss any concerns you may have.

      Please come back and share your experience with us.

    • Ginger Golden

      Nikki, did you lose any weight? What was your thoughts on the product? I did not work for me at all?

  • JJ

    I was so hopefull about this review until I noticed that product that is being reviewed is actually sold by the same website that is reviewingit!

    Phentermine is very hard to get without a prescription but fentermina (a derivative of phentermine) is not hard to find but you still run the risk of being scamed because it comes from Mexico and you need to find a private seller to buy it.

    If you want to lose weight a ECA stack is the way to go and you can buy the(E)phedrine, (C)affeine, and (A)sprin in any place that has a pharmacy. The ephedrine was pulled from being marketed with diet pills but it’s still sold in asthma medicine like Primatene. You will get all of the benefits as the old time diet pills when they have ephedrine in it. The appetite suppressant and energy.

  • nicki

    I just ordered phentremine-x. Has anyone taken this one before?

    • Ginger Golden

      Yes I wrote a review on this product in the beginning of Jan 2012, it was never posted by this website. The product is really over rated. I have not lost any weight. I wonder if the reviewers saying good thing’s are paid by the lab. I have been on the product 1 month and no weight loss. My prior post stated that I that the pills were duds, I felt no change and no weight loss occured. If you are obese, this product may work for you. But if you are like me and only need to lose 20-25 pounds it does not seem effective.

  • Lisa

    JJ – how much of the ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin are needed then?

  • J. H.

    I WAS going to buy Phenternin Hoodia until I saw what these guys charged for shipping. They make you think you’re getting a great deal on buying three bottles at a time until you start to process your order.
    They have ONLY two shipping options. Receive your package within a weeks time and they want nearly $35 to do that.
    Or, they will deliver the product within 2 to 3 days for a ridiculous shipping charge of almost $60.
    Say what? Those bottles weight next to nothing and they want $3% bucks just to ship it to me. This brand was seen on 60 minutes and other tv shows. they have the best stamps of approval also but I stopped dead in my tracks with that unbelievable shipping charge.
    Forget it. If I think something is out of bounds, I wont buy it and their shipping charges will lose them a lot of sales.

  • Vana

    I ordered from phentraminecentral.com and recieved white caplets with blue speckles that were not scored or anything and made me feel so hungry as if I hadn’t eaten in days does anyone know about this website?

  • AmyW

    Does anyone know if the capsule or the tablet is better in the Phentramin-D?

  • cheli v.

    i was given the original Phentermine by my doctor a few years ago,i lost 80lbs :)but then he would not prescribe it for me anymore,so i searched alot and found LiposomexLabs and tried it,it is the same med.just a slight change in the letters of its name,but i found a gold mine!! and many others i know have purchased’phentremineX’ from Liposomexlabs and it is very similar to’phentermine’that i recieved from my doctor as a prescription,i can only lose weight with this product,and my friends have also,one lost40lbs in a matter of 3 months,and it gives us all a happy mood as well…i love it and im stickin to it!!! good luck to you all..(i believe those who complain about this pill are jelous this company is doing well)By the way,i only take a half of a tablet on an empty stomach and it gets me up & movin :)if you eat it doesnt work as well.so eat 2 or more hrs after taking it.

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