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Phentramin-D Diet Pills Review

Phentramin-D is a rather new diet pill that is manufactured by Lazarus Labs. Phentramin-D was developed to address the need for a Phentermine alternative that is just as effective, but in a non-prescription form.

Customer reviews of Phentramin-D have been very positive. Many of the first people to try Phentramin-D were former Phentermine users who were looking for a safer, yet effective non-prescription alternative. According to Phentramin-D customer reviews, this diet pill provides a noticeable and manageable boost in energy and alertness that also improves overall mood and decreases appetite.

Phentramin-D is a chemical compound, however there are natural derivatives of its chemical ingredients that come from herbal sources. Each Phentramin-D diet pill contains 100mg of a Proprietary complex of 1,3-Dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride and 1,3,7 – Trimethylxanthine. Let’s take a look at these ingredients to find out why Phentramin-D enhances weight loss:

  • 1,3-Dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride – This chemical is known by a number of different chemical names including 2-Amino-4-methylhexane, Forthane, Methylhexaneamine, 4-Methyl-2-hexylamine and 1,3-Dimethylamylamine. The most common trade name for this chemical is Geranamine. Geranamine is still a relatively unknown and untested chemical. A company in 1942 originally applied for a patent for Geranamine with the intention to use it as a safer alternative to amphetamines and ephedra in decongestants. Only in more recent years has Geranamine become a more popular ingredient in weight loss and body building supplements because of its action as a sympathomimetic amine, similar to Phentermine and Bontril, which raises metabolic rate of muscle cells, increases fat mobilization, increases alertness and suppresses appetite. It is commonly combined with caffeine, which has been found to intensify and prolong the effects of epinephrine-like drugs such as Geranamine in the body.
  • 1,3,7–Trimethylxanthine – 1,3,7–Trimethylxanthine is the chemical name for Caffeine. Caffeine acts as a central nervous stimulant in the body, having the effects of increasing alertness and naturally decreasing appetite. There are a number of clinical studies that support caffeine’s ability to promote weight loss. Caffeine is also commonly combined with other drugs, such as ephedrine, to increase and prolong their effectiveness, and it is suspected that it is combined with Geranamine in Phentramin-D for this purpose.

This review of Phentramin-D ingredients shows that Phentramin-D has great potential to be an effective weight loss enhancer. Although there is a lack of clinical studies conducted with Geranamine, other weight loss and body building products have been using this drug for many years with great success.

  • You can buy Phentramin-D without a prescription
  • 4 comments to Phentramin-D Diet Pills Review

    • you can really lose some weight by taking phentramin d

    • SHAUNA

      I will be starting P-D this morning and I would like to prove to myself i con do this currently I am 5’7″ and I am 175lbs. My goal id like to accomplish is 30lbs off in the next to months…

    • Tonya

      So I just recently ordered P-D online yesterday. I have currently been on just Phentramin through my doctor however I am not seeing any results. Do this one work? And I saw on the world news lastnight that ordering diet pills via online is getting to where people bribe you!?!?!?!?! Is this legal?

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