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Capsicum for Weight Loss

Capsicum is a type of plant commonly known as pepper, Capsicum pepper plant or chili pepper. Research has indicated that this plant can be used in reducing body weight and improving body fat mobilization together with exercising and a healthy diet. For this reason, capsicum has become a common ingredient in herbal diet pills.

Capsicum, or hot pepper, has thermogenic properties that can aid weight loss when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Capsicum, or chili pepper, has thermogenic properties that can aid weight loss when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

There are different types of pepper in the Capsicum family with the strongest being cayenne pepper, red pepper and paprika, which is the most serene. This type of plant has been known to have a certain number of health benefits among them weight reduction. Capsicum has a content known as Capsaicin which turns up body heat in a process scientifically referred to as thermogenesis. These types of plants then heat up the body. Capsicum has Vitamin C and unlike many other foods that are cooked, it may only lose a third of the content of vitamin C in it and can even be eaten raw.

Capsicum is a common ingredient in a number of weight loss products and has been tested in rats and guinea pigs to see how the product affects their rate of metabolism. Capsaicin, a constituent of Capsicum, has been seen to influence certain receptors whose main function is to increase the mobilization of fat in the body around the abdominal area. Using this plant will increase the resting metabolic rate. This is the measure of the energy amounts spent after a given duration of time. Having a high resting metabolic rate is very vital to those that are in need of losing weight because people who have a high metabolic rate will burn more body fat than the people with a low metabolic rate when the same physical exercise or activity is undertaken. The peak at which Capsaicin increases the resting metabolic rate is at 70 to 90 minutes after one consumes capsaicin and then persists for a period of three hours afterwards.

Capsicum has also been found to help regulate blood pressure and increase blood circulation. Respiratory illness like the common cold, asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis are reduced as well as delaying fatigue. It can also inhibit other types of disease-causing bacteria apart from the weight reduction qualities it processes. Most people who need to lose weight should take supplements with capsicum or any other capsicum-related product and get plenty of regular exercise. One is more likely to lose weight in the stomach or abdominal area faster by taking capsicum than with other supplements. Some points to bear in mind are that the capsicum can be taken a few hours before exercising. In this way, the capsicum will be more effective at burning body fat.

In addition to weight loss facilitation, capsicum supplements also improve the circulation of blood, reduce blood pressure, prevent some diseases, reduce respiratory illness symptoms and inhibit a number of bacteria that cause diseases. The normal recommended dose for capsicum supplements for weight loss enhancement is from about 2000-4000 mg. Although capsicum may be helpful for promoting weight loss, there is still a lack of scientific evidence that supports this supplement’s effectiveness in humans.

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