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Diet Pill Abuse

The use of some diet pills has the potential for addiction and abuse, particularly stimulant-based pills and prescription diet pills. In the case of prescription diet pills, these medications should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor. These types of diet pills are only prescribed to people who have excessive body weight that must be reduced quickly. Prescription diet pills that act as stimulants in the brain, such as Phentermine and Bontril, have been found to be particularly addictive both physically and mentally. This potential for diet pill addiction and abuse reiterates the importance of these types of drugs being only taken for short periods of time and under medical supervision.

There are also many over-the-counter diet pills that pose potential for being abused. One of the key components of diet pills is caffeine, which acts to increase heart rate, blood pressure and alertness. Although caffeine is very effective as a weight loss ingredient, diet pills that contain this stimulant should be taken only as directed. In some cases, people have been known to abuse these diet pills by taking high doses not intended by the manufacturer. Diet pill abuse with caffeine stimulants can have many adverse health effects including severe dehydration, nervousness, insomnia and severe weight loss.

It is unfortunate that some people abuse the use of diet pills in the hope of losing weight fast. The fact that many diet pill manufacturers also advertise to people that their diet pills are a “safe way of losing weight fast” only exasperates diet pill abuse further. In addition, there exist fallacies in every class of peers about their ideal size and weight. This is further emphasized by the media where every day people are depicted to have the perfect body sizes and weight. For these reasons, many people, especially young women, abuse diet pills in order to be like the models and stars they see in the media without realizing the dangers that they expose their bodies to.

People who abuse diet pills are likely to experience negative side effects as a result. Some diet pills are habit forming, implying that a person who takes them over a longer period than prescribed is likely to get addicted. This may lead to dependence on the drug. When one takes diet pills, their appetite is suppressed. The user therefore consumes fewer calories leading to slower metabolic rate over time. In severe cases, diet pill abuse has lead to death or permanent damage to vital organs such as the liver and heart.

If you suspect that you are abusing diet pills, or that a friend or family member is, then you should seek professional help from your doctor. People who abuse diet pills fail to understand that they are only a short-term solution to their weight problem and that the ultimate long-term solution is to change their diet and exercise.

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