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Nuphedragen Diet Pills Review

Nuphedragen Diet Pills is called a “high performance diet drug”. This diet pill is a hard one to miss if you’ve been looking for a diet pill to buy. With its bright red label and pills, Nuphedragen looks fast and dangerous; a reputation that this diet pill thrives on. Nuphedragen is designed to combine appetite suppression with increased metabolism with its key ingredients that include chocamine, phenylethylamine (PEA), synephrine HCl and dicaffeine malate.

Nuphedragen diet pills are packed full of caffeine and other stimulants that suppress appetite and increase thermogenesis.

Nuphedragen diet pills are packed full of caffeine and other stimulants that suppress appetite and increase thermogenesis.

Impressive looks aside, the big question is “Does Nuphedragen Work?” To answer this question we have to take a look at the scientific research behind its key ingredients.

Chocamine – Despite all the impressive-sounding advertising about Chocamine, this is probably the weakest link in the matrix of Nuphedragen’s ingredients. Chocamine is essentially just a source of caffeine and theobromine, which is an alkaloid of the cacao plant. Medicinally, theobromine is typically used as a diuretic and heart stimulant.

Phenylethylamine – Phenylethylamine is the mood enhancing drug found in chocolate. Not only will taking Phenylethylamine improve your mood, but its similarity to amphetamine in the body will also raise blood pressure and increase alertness.

Synephrine HCl – Synephrine HCl is a common ingredient in diet pills and is considered one of the closest alternatives to ephedra. Synephrine, which is a stimulant similar to caffeine and ephedrine, provides an energy boost, suppresses appetite and increases metabolic rate.

Dicaffeine Malate – Dicaffeine malate is a combination of caffeine with malic acid. There is little doubt that dicaffeine malate increases metabolism and energy levels, both of which can help one lose weight. The drawback of this ingredient may be sleeplessness and the jitters.

From the list of ingredients in Nuphedragen diet pills it is safe to say that you will be flying with this amount of stimulants. Although you will very likely experience a big boost in energy and a noticeable decrease in appetite, Nuphedragen is not for the faint at heart, literally. This diet pill bases its effectiveness on stimulating the body and the effects will be raised blood pressure, increased heart rate and raised body temperature. All of these effects are due to Nuphedragen’s thermogenic abilities, but may not be a safe diet pill choice for people with pre-existing blood pressure or heart conditions, nor may it be suitable for people who are sensitive to stimulants.

Nuphedragen diet pills were made controversial when it was rumored that this diet pill was banned by the U.S. FDA in the same way as Ephedra, however these rumors are false. After reading through numerous product reviews for Nuphedragen I can conclude that this diet pill seems to be like many others – some people love it and some people hate it.

Overall, Nuphedragen does not stand out as a credible diet pill. Its official website grossly lacks in information about its product, including warnings and daily dosage information. With such a large number of different types of weight loss supplements available in the market, the makers of Nuphedragen have failed to give their product the credibility that it probably deserves. A lack of information provided by the manufacturers should always be a warning to consumers that the product is likely substandard or dangerous.

A recommended alternative to Nuphedragen diet pills is Phentramin-D, which is known to effectively enhance weight loss. Like Nuphedragen, Phentramin-D contains caffeine that increases metabolism; however it is combined with geranamine instead of other stimulants. For this reason, Phentramin-D is just as effective as Nuphedragen for weight loss, but doesn’t have the potential for causing serious health risks.

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