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What is Advantra-Z?

One of the most common ingredients other than caffeine used in non-prescription diet pills is Advantra-Z. Advantra-Z is a brand name diet pill ingredient that is owned by the company Nutratech, which has patented the product and have exclusive rights to it.

Advantra-Z is a common diet pill ingredient that increases thermogenesis and suppresses appetite.

Advantra-Z is a common diet pill ingredient that increases thermogenesis and suppresses appetite.

The extract used in making Advantra-Z is citrus aurantium, which is a traditional Chinese herb referred to as bitter orange (for more information, please refer to the post “Bitter Orange Weight Loss Herb”). Advantra-Z contains alkaloids that have similar characteristics as ephedrine alkaloids in the body, which increase the rate of metabolism and the rate at which body fat is broken down. However, unlike ephedra, clinical studies conducted with Advantra-Z show that it has much less potential for causing adverse health effects.

Advantra-Z is an excellent weight loss ingredient that enables users to lose weight by performing the following functions. First, Advantra-Z is responsible for stimulating the process of thermogenesis. This is where the body is able to convert body fat into heat rather than chemical energy. As more heat is produced, the person’s temperature level rises. The rise in body temperature causes the body to use more calories thus reducing the individual’s weight. When compared with ephedra diet pills that have thermogenic properties, it was found that Advantra-Z poses a much lower risk of adverse effects associated with higher blood pressure and heart rate, such as heart attack and stroke.

Advantra-Z can also reduce the weight of individuals by acting as an appetite suppressant. Persons taking diet pills containing Advantra-z tend to consume fewer carbohydrates during the day, which are the main source of calories. Of course, as with all other diet pills, Advantra-Z only helps weight loss when combined with a healthy, calorie-restricted diet.

Other ingredients that are found in Advantra-Z further enable it to enhance weight loss and improve overall health. In addition to the bitter orange extract, the other ingredients include proteins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, several amino acids, carbohydrates, sodium and Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Of their many health benefits, these ingredients help to enhance the performance of athletes and help in muscle building.

Advantra-Z is not a miracle ingredient and not all diet pills that contain it are of good quality or will help you to lose weight. Advantra-Z does, however, provide a substitute for ephedra and ephedrine alkaloids that pose health risks and are banned in the U.S. and Canada.

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